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Lincolnshire Meet For February

22 February 2018 - 09:58 AM

It's a bit late, but even for those of us who haven't SORNd our cars the weather hasn't really motivated us to go for a drive.  But this weekend is looking good so I think I will try this one:




10:00-13:00 Sunday (25th) at Stibbington on the A1 (just south of the A47 Peterborough turn off)  if anyone else fancies it.   Just need to add a few more layers of clothing than normal :)


If it's good they have a couple more meets in March as well we can look at.



Old Austin Parts List Books

12 February 2018 - 03:31 PM

My next door neighbour was clearing out some of his father's papers when he found these books.


There are 14 of the smaller ones, ranging from the Austin Seven to the Austin Twenty Eight.   Before he puts them on E-Bay he wondered if anyone on the forum might be interested.   I know I am supposed to put a price on them but he won't commit to one.  If anyone is interested then please PM me and I will give you his contact details.




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Wrong Coloured Nosecone.

15 December 2017 - 02:32 PM

Rather embarrassingly I have trashed my Superspec's nosecone (long story).   I have a spare, but unfortunately it is yellow while the rest of the car is blue.   As I see it I have 7 options:


1.   Just use it and accept I have a multi-coloured car.


2.   Replace the wings as well and have an all-yellow car.  (I have a complete yellow set in the attic.


3.   Spray paint it myself to the correct eclipse blue.   I reckon £30 for the spray paint cans, but not sure how it will look.


4.   Get it professionally sprayed to the correct colour.  No idea how that much would cost ?


5.   Vinyl wrap it myself.  I probably won't be able to match the colour, but a dark blue or black would look a lot better.   Again looks like about £30.


6.   Get it professionally wrapped.   No idea how that much would cost ?


7.   Try and source a blue nosecone.   Although I am thinking the Superspec one is not the same as the standard 2B nosecone.


Any thoughts/recommendations ?    Anyone know the rough costs of 4 & 6 ?




Superspec Speedo Over-Reading

09 October 2017 - 03:11 PM

As has been mentioned frequently on the forum the Superspec speedos all over-read, by up to 20%.  The reason is that the MT75s that Richard bought were destined for a LHD Transit and were fitted with the 22-tooth (yellow) speedo drive gearwheel.   If you do the maths, we actually need a 26-tooth gear, although one 'expert' told me Ford only went up to a 25-tooth.   However, these seem to be incredibly rare now and basically unobtainable.


Here is the offending article and it struck me that is a prime candidate for a 3D printer to produce a bespoke 26-tooth version,   Anyone know of a Company that could reproduce one of these but with more teeth ?  (The metal sleeve could probably be removed and used again)


Or should I treat myself to a 3D printer ? :)





Lincolnshire Meet For October

02 October 2017 - 11:29 AM

As previously discussed, October is when we do our annual pilgrimage to the Corby Glen Sheep Fair (https://www.sheepfair.co.uk/), It is from 10:00-16:00 on Sunday 8 October but you can arrive whenever you want and leave whenever you want.  I will probably position my car about 09:30 to book some slots.


I think most of you have been before, but as a reminder, we will be parking by the war memorial at the Western edge of the village (Shown in red).  If you are coming in from the A1 then as you enter the village, go past Tanners Lane and then take the left fork just after the funfair.   The dropped kerb is just before the first house as shown in blue on the picture.


If you are coming from the Bourne direction then drive past the cars and then turn 180 degs just before the funfair.




So far I have:


1.  Me

2.  Mick & Stella

3.  Kerry & Sharon

4.  Nigel & Helen

5.  Pete  (Swan)

6.  Derek & Mo



Anyone else ?


All subject to weather of course, although I will do my best.   (I gather I excelled at the Stamford Show, even though I wasn't there :) )