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Lincolnshire Meet For September

30 August 2018 - 08:52 AM

Obviously the EOSB is the main meet for September, although I have just decided to go on a last minute cruise to Russia next week (60% discount) so will have to bow out of that (Sorry Keith).  


So does anyone fancy a pub lunch this weekend.   I have been thinking of going to the Robin Hood pub near Bourne for some time  (Actually the Robin Hood & Little John, but that spoils a good story :))


Just let me know.

Superspec Emissions Failure

16 August 2018 - 02:59 PM

As usual with Superspecs I struggled again with the emissions at this years MOT.   I got hit with a double whammy as the testers appear to be being especially hard this year, with the new regulations, and we have a 'checker' in the area doing spot checks so there was no chance of a 'close enough' reading.


After fitting a different cat/exhaust I got it through at the second attempt, but by the narrowest of margins.


Natural Idle CO, max 0.3 Actual 0.294

Fast Idle CO, max 0.2      Actual 0.197

Fast Idle HC, max 200     Actual 142

Lambda, max 1.03           Actual 1.022


I really don't want to have to through this every year so am looking for a permanent solution.   The problem is we have a Fuel Injected Rover engine with a non-programmable ECU so as far as I know there is nothing we can do to effect the emission levels, they are pre-decided by Rover back in 1995.


I guess we could try to find some firm that could re-program the ECU, but these boxes date back to 1995 so there is not much expertise around.   My only other thought (apart from an engine change :) ) is to replace the ECU with a newer one that is programmable to change the emissions.


Would this work ?    Anyone have any other thoughts on a solution ?


BTW, for Superspec owners, I only got through at the second attempt because I had a 'bung' in one of the two exhaust outlets.  Without the 'bung' fitted the emissions were way out of limits.


Superspec Build Videos Now Available On Youtube

03 August 2018 - 03:27 PM

It's taken some time but at last we have them available.  I can stop burning off DVDs now :)


A search on 'superspec' should find them, alternatively here are the direct links.


Introduction:   https://youtu.be/vMqVCSI2eks


Part One:       https://youtu.be/vF6W9WzAD3E


Part Two:      https://youtu.be/v388EbQ8QwM





Removing Rhs Badge On Nosecone

12 July 2018 - 03:18 PM

Just fitted a new nosecone, and would like to transfer the RHS (Robin Hood Sports Cars) badge from my old damaged nosecone.   Anyone know how to get it off without damaging it ?




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Clutch Problems

10 July 2018 - 06:17 PM

Having thrashed the car a bit over the last 2 weeks (Huntingdon, Kimbolton and numerous mini-runs so well over 250 miles) I am finding that after an hour or so I have great difficulty selecting the gears.  When I press the pedal I feel a resistance when the pedal is about an inch off the floor and I cannot select a gear.  If I press really hard then the pedal goes to the floor and then I can change gear.


I am assuming that this excessively hot weather is causing the engine bay to heat up a lot more than normal and the clutch cable is stretching with the heat (Although the cable is routed through the exhaust outlet I have cable ties that ensures it is well clear of the pipes).    So I have tightened up the cable so that the bite point is higher than it was previously.  Taking her out for another couple of hours tomorrow so I will see if it helps, although the air temperature has now dropped to something a bit nearer normal, so I might not notice.


However, a couple of questions:


1.  Is this a sign the cable is getting old ?   It has been in for almost 5 years and unlike most Superspec cables it hasn't snapped :)  So should I be thinking of replacing it ?


2.  I can't see how the cable would cause the restriction so I am wondering if the clutch release bearing is sticking.  We know the engineering of the Superspec clutch release arm and bearing was a bit suspect, so I am wondering if the extra heat the clutch is now experiencing could cause the symptom.


Any thoughts ?