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RHOCaR End of Season Bash 

Come and join us for our Annual event  on 14th to 16th September

Camping, Family Fun,  Evening Entertainment and like-minded Company


Full Details and entry form here:




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Stoneleigh 2018 Photos

07 May 2018 - 08:29 PM

Had a great weekend, the sun shined and the company and club made the day.


below are just a few pics from the weekend.


What pictures did everyone else get?




15 April 2018 - 02:57 PM

Hi All


Well after a lovely day yesterday, the rain has started to fall so the mind has fallen to jobs on the `to do list'.




I currently have a home made ramp for getting the kit to a height comfortable to work on and high enough to be able to get underneath.


Currently the ramp is made out of 2 RSJ's (I beam) which are separate but tied together with 2 x 50mm (2 inch) scaffold poles.


The end of the ramp currently sits at 700mm high which is a great height to work at and get underneath. https://photos.app.g...sE0mrrwtQ6xBrE2


The end and the straight is held together with 6mm plates.  https://photos.app.g...EzPCEUbtB61ZVq2.


I have mainly been using it as a ramp but would love to be able to use this as a platform.


The big issue i have is getting the other end in the air.  Currently i have a farm jack that i use to jack each side up a little at a time and the ends are then sitting on 2 x 50mm scaffold poles each side using trailer clamps which hold 750kg each. (https://photos.app.g...kmeFcsGbhyDkif1).


This is very dodgy to say the least, it is not 100% stable when up and the whole process of getting up is difficult and getting it down is just dangerous, so i have not been using it as much as i had planned.


This is what it looks like when the ramp is up.  https://photos.app.g...NmXQZErmBN4cBE3


Design brief:


So, the help i need is to make this safe and easy to lift.  Also to be high enough to be able to get underneath.


Design limitations:


Tools to lift the ramp are a 2 ton trolley jack with a maximum lift of 370mm.

Farm jack, but really do not like using this as it does not feel safe (mainly on lowering)

Would prefer to use what i have left metal wise, which is a 2m length of the RSJ and a sheet of 6mm steel.


So what would you do?


Thanks in advance



Classics & Coffee Redditch

19 March 2018 - 04:55 PM


Event is this Sunday the 25th, 10am until 12pm. All details are in the link above.

Never been myself, so would be interesting to see what turns up!

Duratec Engines

15 January 2018 - 03:00 PM

Hi All


I am getting a fair amount of conflicting information with regards to duratec engines, so I am hoping you guys can help out.


1 - What cars did the different duratecs come from?  2.0, 2.3 & 2.5.  Not looking at the v6 versions, all 4 pots?


2 - Whats the difference between the st150 duratec (n4jb) and the `normal' one HE i4?


3 - Is the 2.5 ST a duratec badge but really a Zetec?


If anyone can help with these questions that would be good, No one seems to have any first hand experience with these and all the information is internet/ facebook hearsay.


Any other duratec info would be great.





Sunday Tinkering

10 September 2017 - 03:11 PM

Bit a spare time today so finally got round to make and fitting my arch protectors.


2mm fake carbon ABS plastic





Also got round to fitting the Zero badge i have had for about 6 months.




So, what everyone else been doing?