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20180428_111020.jpg Super Spec (2008)
Owner: geordie40
Updated: 06 August 2018 - 03:12 PM
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Owner: Johnboy27
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Robin Hood 2b (2004) Share Vehicle Rating ***** 1 Votes

  • Vehicle Owner: enforcer
  • Date Added: 29 June 2006 - 04:47 PM
  • Date Updated: 06 August 2017 - 03:24 PM
  • Color: Red/Stainless
  • Views: 17,589
  • Price: 2,000
  • Odometer: 4,500 Miles

  • This 2B/04 was built using a 1987 2.0L pinto sierra as donor. I purchased the donor in July 2003 for 60 and after a weekend stripping it out I spent the next 6 months refurbishing, painting and rebuilding the engine. I collected the kit in February 2004 and had a nice clean garage full of shiny donor bits ready to go. SVA was passed in Feb 2006 - a leisurely 2 year build. Final jobs were finished in March 2007!

    The radiator is the Coolman double-core with a header tank from a Kia - no overheating problems whatsoever. Everything else is standard RH stuff - rear suspension uses the cut down sierra mcphearson struts and rear springs which work fine. Heater and wipers are from a Mini, boot cover is my own design. The car uses the ESCII ignition, but I ditched the over-complicated 30/34 DFTH for a 32/36 DGV and have now upgraded to a 38DGMS.

    Modifications since SVA include new alloys, cockpit panelling, carpeting, painting the roll-over bar and wheel hoop, tunnel-top and gear lever trim and a little extra security. After Stoneleigh the wind deflectors and Surrey top were finished and fitted. I have modified the RH twin-pipe exhaust to improve the way the silencer worked, painted liquid rubber on the inside of the cycle wings and repainted the exhaust and manifold. Front suspension bearings have been ditched and replaced with some top quality, rubber sealed ones.

    Recent upgrades now include fitting a Snap Off steering wheel and a new solid stainless gear knob and a soft leather gaiter. Headlights have been uprated to Halogen conversions and a re-pack of the silencer just about completes the winter mods!

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