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New Led Street Lights

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#1 agent_zed


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Posted 10 September 2017 - 09:05 PM

They have replaced most of the street lights around where i live with new LED ones. Whilst i think this is good for using less energy i am finding they are taking a bit of getting used to.


They are a very white light whereas the old ones were the typical orange light. I am finding that the light is now the same as car headlights so in the past i was able to see that a car was coming around a bend as the orange light was broken by the white car headlight. Now they are the same colour there is less of an indicator. 


I find it most difficult when out running at night as it constantly looks like there is a car coming up from behind. I'm sure at some point i'll get complacent and assume it is just the street lights and cross without properly checking and get run over by those silent killers, i mean an electric car. Killed by a renault twizy can you imagine  :blink:  (actually just found this pic and now i want one http://cdn1.autoexpr...1-action-2.jpg)


May be just another of those first world problems.



#2 samss



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Posted 10 September 2017 - 10:37 PM

One of my dislikes too, along with emergency services blue coloured christmas lights (that'll be here soon) and flashy blue and red shop open signs.


My eyes seem pretty sensitive to flickering too, and that causes tail lights and brake lights that are PWM dimmed to jump around, especially when moving my eyes to the mirrors (also ruins the experience of my friends home cinema, as it's all rainbows) makes driving a pain sometimes. 


The blue christmas lights were bound to happen as blue LED's became cheaper i guess, but white street lights surely can only be a design feature, and surely they must be approved / selected for their use.... some amber in there would change the colour a bit, haven't they seen philips hue etc!!!?