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Info: 108Mm Lobro "cosworth" 2Wd Drive Shafts For Cosworth Lsd

13 September 2017 - 05:55 PM

I'm swapping my diff for one from a Mercedes, which like the Cosworth 2.0 2WD Sierra uses 108mm Lobros with 10mm bolts.


The standard sierra, if using the Lobro type (as usually found on disc braked donors) are typically 100mm lobros and 8mm bolts.


I thought this might help if anyone wants to fit a cosworth diff to their car.


J & R Driveshafts ( http://www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk- also on ebay, but website currently cheaper ) now sell the correct drive shafts to take the 108mm Lobros (which are a different spline count to the shaft that take 100mm lobros usually). The lengths are very similar to standard sierra ones.


I purchased:


460mm Shaft: BAR12  £24inc vat


503mm Shaft: BAR13  £24inc vat
4x CV Joints with boots and circlips: JR454 @ £39.99each inc vat (these are 40mm thick)
As you can see the drive shafts themselves are cheap, it's the joints that aren't when you need 4!
I also bought 2x hub stub flanges for 108mm lobros, which I have yet to confirm fit a standard disc braked setup. they were £24 each part number: JR470.
You appear to be able to buy the complete shaft made up for the same price, but it didn't confirm dimensions on the website, so i ordered the bits (dead easy as it's only 2x circlips, grease and 2x crimps for the boots.