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In Topic: Welding Stainless Steel

11 November 2017 - 09:28 PM

I welded my exhuast manifold and entire exhaust in stainless with my Mig with stainless wire and Argon. As mentioned you should really use co2/Ar between 3-5% Ar. This is hard to find in disposable bottles so i used pure argon. I am certainly not a pro welder but i get significantly better welds than pictured with decent penetration. 

Haven't had an issue with corrosion. Welds aren't shiny but certainly not rusting or anything. 


From my limited knowledge a weld sitting proud like that likely needs more heat i.e. higher power setting.


Hope you get it sorted.

In Topic: Income Tax Scam

04 November 2017 - 06:31 PM

signed in person or digitally? 

In Topic: Sierra Rear Suspension Outer Bush Bolt Specs'

04 November 2017 - 06:27 PM

My understanding is that Metalastic bushes should in most cases be bolted up tight and the movement is then in the rubber bushing. Things like the shock absorbers should be fitted and then only tightened fully once the car is sat back in it's normal position so the bush is no 'pre-loaded'.


Poly bushes running on a metal sleeve should again have the tube done up tight and the bush then rotates on the metal sleeve not the metal sleeve on a bolt. The sleeve should be a mm or 2 wider than the bush so the bush is not clamped when the bolt is tightened.


at least that is what i've always done.



In Topic: Is It Hard To Build A Robin Hood

03 November 2017 - 10:22 PM

Easy is difficult to define. Prior experience can make things easier. I have taken things apart and mostly put things back together for as long as i can remember and when i came to building my 2b that helped me a lot but i had to also learn a load more. That was the fun for me. I still have my car which has been on the road for 10yrs and i am now looking at re-doing quite a lot of it. Most cars that age would be scrapped. Someone asked if i wanted to sell it the other day... not a chance was my reply.


When you get stuck and become disheartened go watch a few car shows like 'sin city motors', 'fantom works', 'a car is born'. 


Remember you don't have to buy the most expensive stuff, beg borrow and steal (well maybe not the steal part). There are loads of nice seats on ebay that are dirt cheap you dont have to start off with brand new leather bucket seats, same with engines etc. I managed to put my car on the road in 2007 for just over £4k and it's probably still worth around £3k. 



I built my car. Very few people (present company excluded) can say that. Give it a go!

In Topic: Rear Coilovers

03 November 2017 - 10:08 PM

the superspec grp wings were designed to sit lower. If you do a google image search of a superspec you'll see they have a larger infill panel above the wing. 


Something i've thought about doing to disguise the gap a little is to add 'spats' to bring the top edge down a bit without moving the actual arch. quick google search to illustrate what i mean https://i.ebayimg.co.../22/f5b9_35.JPG. If it was just a black spat or even carbon fibre looking etc it might just work as a 'feature' 


my car isn't particularly low but still had too much camber and toe-in so recently fitted camber shims and it's much better now.