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Yesterday, 10:06 PM

some other things i think i can see is brackets on the rear tubes for the suspension like this http://www.missionco...4/rear_axle.JPG(image from Ian Grants build website http://www.missionco...build_diary.htm ) which appears to be superspec (or at least the build diary is of a superspec)


The harness mounts through a round tube are also not standard on a 2002 2b as my chassis has a square tube with tubes welded to the back for the harness bolts,


I think i am correct in saying that the pedal box area is different because the mastercylinder is mounted towards the driver so it doesn't stick into the bonnet area as it would hit the inlet manifold (not a problem on the pinto engined version as the exhaust is this side).



In Topic: 2B Chassis

Yesterday, 09:30 PM

certainly not an early 2b chassis even with the front wishbone mounting. The tapered in rollbar is a give away as that was only done on the later chassis's.

In Topic: Is This A Scam?

23 February 2018 - 10:05 PM

the one of them said it was the bmw so that information must have been linked to me .... via gumtree :diablo:


The one of them was quite insistant that i had had an accident i literally had to keep saying i am the owner of the car and i know i have not had an accident at least 3 times.


I asked all of them where they got my information from and they said MIB database?? but i looked on that site and it says that they don't pass anything on even if it was in there.

In Topic: Is This A Scam?

23 February 2018 - 09:27 PM

After i asked for cash on collection and got a load more rubbish about how difficult it would be for them to get cash and something random about the courier service. But it's ok it is easy to setup paypal and sent me a link which was nice of them,




haven't bothered to reply.


Just to add insult in the past few days after posting the ad on gumtree i've had 4 cold calls as apparently i've had an accident at some point that i might want to claim for. Which is news to me having owned the car for 5 years and i think i would have noticed. Odd that i only get called after i post an ad on gumtree!

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22 February 2018 - 08:49 PM

Yes on my type 9 box I left the outer attached and just pulled out the inner. When you put it back in you'll need to twist it when its almost in so it will drop back into the speedo drive. If its not reading the correct speed it wont record the correct miles.