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#378203 Sierra Rear Suspension Outer Bush Bolt Specs'

Posted by agent_zed on 04 November 2017 - 06:27 PM

My understanding is that Metalastic bushes should in most cases be bolted up tight and the movement is then in the rubber bushing. Things like the shock absorbers should be fitted and then only tightened fully once the car is sat back in it's normal position so the bush is no 'pre-loaded'.


Poly bushes running on a metal sleeve should again have the tube done up tight and the bush then rotates on the metal sleeve not the metal sleeve on a bolt. The sleeve should be a mm or 2 wider than the bush so the bush is not clamped when the bolt is tightened.


at least that is what i've always done.



#378100 Paint Advice

Posted by agent_zed on 31 October 2017 - 04:22 PM

I've always sprayed my panels outside. You always get a bug land on the very last coat which you have to flat out but i have achieved a pretty high gloss finish. The main problem this time of year will be temperature and humidity. Although when it is really cold the humidity often falls. Ideally you want to be above 20c.


I am lucky i am far away from neighbours so the smell doesn't affect them. I use cellulose as it was the safest for home use, although water based paints seem to be the norm now but they require more heat as water is harder to dry than solvent.




obviously i only ever paint my agricultural machines with cellulose as it's illegal to paint cars with it, although my tractor looks a bit like a 7 ;)

#378024 Header Tanks / Expansion Tank Plumbing

Posted by agent_zed on 29 October 2017 - 08:31 PM

I would agree with Brumster. It is just a pressurised vessel in your cooling system at the highest point. 


Pretty much every modern car is this setup so pop the bonnet on your tintop and have a look is one option.


As long as the pressure vessel has a pressure releasing cap then the radiator shouldn't really have a pressure releasing cap. I guess if you can't get a non valved cap i guess just getting a much higher poundage one than the pressure releasing cap on the expansion tank will do, as the expansion tank will in theory always vent first then.


I cant see the need for a catch tank as no modern car has this. You just have a plastic pressure tank with a cap.



Just to add as far as i am aware both spit/suck and an inline expansion tank are both pressurised systems. The spit/suck one just doesn't have a pressurised expansion vessel, the cap has valves for both direction so once 13lbs (or 16lbs or whatever you have) etc is reached it will vent to the expansion tank and any trapped air bubbles out and when it cools negative pressure opens another valve and pulls water back in if needed.  A pressurised vessel has air in it so it just pressurises the air and the water level just rises and falls a bit, i assume there must be a 2 way valve as well so air can be pushed out when pressure is reached and pulled in when it drops. I think 13lbs raises the boiling point to about 110degrees from memory (could be wrong) so 16lbs will be higher again. The higher the pressure the more problems you will have with keeping the water in. So if you can improve cooling and run a lower poundage it will be better.



#377815 Not Having The Best Of Luck These Past Few Weeks

Posted by agent_zed on 20 October 2017 - 09:22 PM

So i think someone is testing me by throwing little challenges at me.....


Sorry this is long and rambling.


So back a couple of months ago my bmw failed mot on air-bag light (and a few less important things) so i thought i'd take it to bmw and get the air bags replaced as there was a recall notice on them. This didn't solve the problem. 


The bmw garage washed the car for free and when i picked it up they handed me the mirror glass that had fallen off. I don't know why they didn't put it back on as it was fine when i left it but no big deal as such.


This didn't solve my airbag light problem so i bought a seat bypass thingy. That didn't solve my problem.


My brother had an ecu reader but i couldn't get it off him so i bought a elm327 bluetooth one off ebay.


This connected to my dads citreon, but not my bmw or GFs polo. I can only assume it speaks french not german!


So i bought a usb cable version only to realise it was for flashing the ecu not diagnosing a problem. So wasted more money there.


Finally got my brothers one and cleared all errors but didn't cure the problem.


Oh it also failed on emissions but i think i sorted that as it had jumped a tooth on the inlet cam. I managed to wangle it back into place. but this doesnt help as the above is still broken :( 


So i started using the 2b for comuting work but this needed the head taking off as it wasn't running correctly. 


Discovered bent valve as i'd dropped a nut in the manifold last year when i fitted the 2 ltr cam and had the head off, so replaced valve and new head gasket.


New head gasket leaked along the seam as it was cheap and naff and i shouldn't have used it.


So off with that one and on with a new one.


was an idiot and didn't check oil so oil light came on a few times on commute as low oil. hopefully haven't done any damage.


Running better but carb is a bit messed up so was running rich for a long time.


Ran out of fuel on way home :(


0.5mile from garage :)


no fuel cans for sale :( brother came to rescue.


filled up with fuel next day and returned home after work. smelt petrol... leaking around fuel filter.


New fuel pipe over the wknd.


Back to work running well on way in and way home until... 0.5mile from home notice temp rising a bit. Pulled into drive ... PSSSSHHHHHHH steam from bonnet and water spraying out of lower water pipe split. This was this week, so a job for tomorrow so i have a car for monday.


Bought new car :) (to replace bmw not 2b) brother works for car auctions so got a good deal on a peugeot 3008 :) should have picked it up today...


brother noticed a new dent after the auction :( some idiot moving the car around the lot must have bashed the bottom of the door so that is being mended before i can have it. :(


So instead of picking up new car i went to put the new carpet down in my kids room :)


carpet was meant to be 3m wide but only 2.7 so doesn't fit :( has to go back. 


But the underlay is down and the spare piece was big enough to go under the rug in the lounge to stop my little boy bashing his head on the floor if he falls over :)


This evening my little boy decides to throw up for only the second time in 7.5 months (can't really complain as he is pretty awesome generally) over the rug and some goes through to the new bit of underlay. So had to vax carpet clean the rug and underlay this evening.


Working on the central heating today and i noticed the timer for the immersion doesn't now seem to be working :(


I am now wondering what else lies ahead for this wknd. perhaps i shouldn't try and tempt fate and do any wiring or anything else remotely dangerous.


still got to smile  :crazy:







#377507 Low Oil Pressure A Couple Of Times - Damage?

Posted by agent_zed on 10 October 2017 - 06:31 AM

cool. thanks guys that's reassuring. I'll be driving it this morning so fingers crossed. Although i assume any problems will now be a slow process until a dramatic fail.


I would be disappointed if it failed as it's only 26 years old with 130k :)

#377103 Pinto Power Output.

Posted by agent_zed on 19 September 2017 - 07:08 PM

I would also guess that having a straight through exhaust would help a bit too, but i could be wrong as there are various other factors such as back pressure to take into consideration and it all starts to get a bit technical especially when you start taking into account 4-1 or 4-2-1 manifolds and primary tube lengths and the like. 


Depends on budget as i am sure Snapperpaul will tell you it ain't cheap once you start pushing the limits.


At the end of the day though i have a 1.6 pinto without much done to it, only a 2ltr cam, 4-1 tubular manifold to straight through exhaust and that still gives me a huge smile and moves pretty well. I was stuck behind a few slow cars today on the way home along the edge of the river wye and it just didn't matter. Sun was creeping out and it was awesome to hear the burble of the engine and get to enjoy the scenery, it's not always about screaming 0-60 times ;)

#377038 Been A While, And Encountered A Problem !

Posted by agent_zed on 17 September 2017 - 05:19 PM

"...and as result you get a Q plate." or a New plate, or an Age related or a Dinner plate  :crazy: DVLA randomly applying rules since 1965.


That isn't actually a standard 2b chassis so depending on how fussy and knowledgeable (who knows someone at dvla might know whats going on) the person is they might pick up on the front suspension, although unlikely i guess. Maybe you could 'find' a reciept from Robin hood in your paperwork ;)


Car is looking nice. I can't quite see from the pics but are the light holders sufficiently rounded? You also might find the front indicators are not far enough apart. Mine were ok like that for SVA but i know some people had problems and had to fit 'extenders'. Might be worth just checking the measurements if you haven't already.


That's a nice looking rear end. Is that steel under there with the gaps filled or is it all glass fibred?

#374721 Expansion Bottle Lower Than The Rad?

Posted by agent_zed on 07 July 2017 - 07:46 PM

If you find you get airlocks that are hard to shift you can do what i did.... It looks like you have the same setup as i have and their is a tube on the left of the picture running along the side of the rocker cover. I used copper pipe and simply put a T piece in with a radiator bleed valve. Costs about £1-2 depending on whether you have some plumbing bits kicking around. Makes it dead easy to bleed the air out.



#370430 5Inch Id Steel Tube?

Posted by agent_zed on 29 March 2017 - 09:09 PM

Metals4u list 139 x 5mm wall. gives 129 ID



doh i found this but i forgot to -10 and only did -5 for the one side and got 134mm which is over 5inches.




thanks for the maths help :)

#370334 Sometimes Things Actually Go Right!

Posted by agent_zed on 27 March 2017 - 08:36 AM

looking to put the 2b back on the road asap so checked the other day and the indicators weren't working and the reversing light also not working.


Got to look at it yesterday and started with the indicators. The hazard warning light bulb on the steering column was on but solid but no other lights. had to remove dash to get to flasher unit. Found 12v at the unit so figured problem with it so took the black cover off and poked a few bits on the solenoid. Put it back together and all working :) ... until i noticed the side repeaters not working. checked those and a loose connection on the one side and blown bulb on the other. easily sorted.


Reversing light ... checked and again 12v on the leads. Bulb looked ok so bit of a clean and all working again.


So all in all a good day as other than a side bulb no big surprises and don't have to wait for a new flasher unit etc


now i just need the sun to come back!

#368919 425Hp Mgbgt

Posted by agent_zed on 15 February 2017 - 10:44 PM

Watching fast and the furious 6 and got to googling cars and looked for a tarted up mgbgt as i quite fancy the idea and wondered what was out there and stumbled across




does the 1/4 mile in 11 secs apparently.


think it is rather nice although i can understand purests not really liking the flared arches etc



always been a fan of the jensen interceptor so interesting to see one used in ff6


also fancy a datsun 280z


Just need to win a lot of money



#366970 Steering Rack Extensions

Posted by agent_zed on 06 December 2016 - 06:13 PM

For my 2b i had new extenders made as i wasn't happy with the RH ones. Put it this way i told RH about it and said it cost me money to fix and that some bonnet catches would be good as compensation and they arrived in the post the following week so it kind of tells me they knew they were a bit pants.


So instead of the couple of inch jobs i had much longer ones made to ensure they screwed on a good distance to get tight on the threads (the metro rack had a slightly tapered thread so got tighter nearer the top of the thread - probably not by design).


The local engineering company made me a set so the thread matched the metro fine thread and the sierra TRE.

#366585 6+ Cylinders

Posted by agent_zed on 18 November 2016 - 04:35 PM

that is one nice rear end! so to speak :blink: 


If you can get it in i'd try for the bmw engine. I've only got a little 1.8 3 series but its so nicely made, ticks over at 600rpm smooth as you like even with 120k, and bmw aren't likely to disappear anytime soon. As said above there are loads about. Think on top gear they said there were more 3 series sold than mondeos.


I'd also try and get the full loom/ecu for it as although it will be a pain shortening wires and suchlike it will save a hundreds on aftermarket ecu's and rolling roads. And you know that it works for that engine as BMW spent millions getting it reliable.

#365695 Faded/stained Gelcoat - How To Refinish?

Posted by agent_zed on 18 October 2016 - 10:31 AM

I had sim prob years ago after storing  the bonnet for my Marcos under polythene which collected water in puddles the effect was a like a photo negative it did polish out after repeated attempts but very hard work ! :crazy: mick


this is what happens to my cellulose paint when i use a plastic tarp. If it gets water + heat(sunlight) it does weird blooms and the paint can take on the imprint of the plastic. Very annoying and i have to either cut back or re-spray.


I've used carplan rubbing compound to pretty good effect and it's really cheap. I picked up a tube for about £2. This is on ebay http://www.ebay.co.u...61219804&crdt=0which is the same but i bought mine from local MF but i've seen it in a local DIY shop too.

Once i've used that i then use T-cut or similar to go finer and then wax. Got a mirror finish on the guitar i built using that.



#365028 Chassis Tilt

Posted by agent_zed on 30 September 2016 - 11:22 AM

Ah the +/- 10cm tolerance on everything they made. ha.


If you don't like it make a new bracket :) It wouldn't be hard to do. 3mm box with a the one edge cut off (assuming standard box fits with the bracket on the chassis). You might find due to leverages etc that the bracket doesn't need to be 2cm longer to achieve a 2cm height adjustment.


everything is customisable on these cars, just a question of at what point you are happy to stop changing bits (if that ever happens).