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Where To Take Hose Id Measurement From?

22 October 2017 - 10:45 AM


so just looking to replace all of my radiator hoses as one went pop i am assuming the same age for the others and don't want the same to happen to them. 


Just sanity checking that the ID of the hose will be the main part of the metal joint not the diameter of the ridged part of the joint. If you see what i mean. For example on the thermostat housing output on my pinto the main part is 32mm but the ridge to stop the hose slipping off is a few mm's bigger ~35mm. I assume i use 32mm and stretch it over the ridge. Is that correct?



Not Having The Best Of Luck These Past Few Weeks

20 October 2017 - 09:22 PM

So i think someone is testing me by throwing little challenges at me.....


Sorry this is long and rambling.


So back a couple of months ago my bmw failed mot on air-bag light (and a few less important things) so i thought i'd take it to bmw and get the air bags replaced as there was a recall notice on them. This didn't solve the problem. 


The bmw garage washed the car for free and when i picked it up they handed me the mirror glass that had fallen off. I don't know why they didn't put it back on as it was fine when i left it but no big deal as such.


This didn't solve my airbag light problem so i bought a seat bypass thingy. That didn't solve my problem.


My brother had an ecu reader but i couldn't get it off him so i bought a elm327 bluetooth one off ebay.


This connected to my dads citreon, but not my bmw or GFs polo. I can only assume it speaks french not german!


So i bought a usb cable version only to realise it was for flashing the ecu not diagnosing a problem. So wasted more money there.


Finally got my brothers one and cleared all errors but didn't cure the problem.


Oh it also failed on emissions but i think i sorted that as it had jumped a tooth on the inlet cam. I managed to wangle it back into place. but this doesnt help as the above is still broken :( 


So i started using the 2b for comuting work but this needed the head taking off as it wasn't running correctly. 


Discovered bent valve as i'd dropped a nut in the manifold last year when i fitted the 2 ltr cam and had the head off, so replaced valve and new head gasket.


New head gasket leaked along the seam as it was cheap and naff and i shouldn't have used it.


So off with that one and on with a new one.


was an idiot and didn't check oil so oil light came on a few times on commute as low oil. hopefully haven't done any damage.


Running better but carb is a bit messed up so was running rich for a long time.


Ran out of fuel on way home :(


0.5mile from garage :)


no fuel cans for sale :( brother came to rescue.


filled up with fuel next day and returned home after work. smelt petrol... leaking around fuel filter.


New fuel pipe over the wknd.


Back to work running well on way in and way home until... 0.5mile from home notice temp rising a bit. Pulled into drive ... PSSSSHHHHHHH steam from bonnet and water spraying out of lower water pipe split. This was this week, so a job for tomorrow so i have a car for monday.


Bought new car :) (to replace bmw not 2b) brother works for car auctions so got a good deal on a peugeot 3008 :) should have picked it up today...


brother noticed a new dent after the auction :( some idiot moving the car around the lot must have bashed the bottom of the door so that is being mended before i can have it. :(


So instead of picking up new car i went to put the new carpet down in my kids room :)


carpet was meant to be 3m wide but only 2.7 so doesn't fit :( has to go back. 


But the underlay is down and the spare piece was big enough to go under the rug in the lounge to stop my little boy bashing his head on the floor if he falls over :)


This evening my little boy decides to throw up for only the second time in 7.5 months (can't really complain as he is pretty awesome generally) over the rug and some goes through to the new bit of underlay. So had to vax carpet clean the rug and underlay this evening.


Working on the central heating today and i noticed the timer for the immersion doesn't now seem to be working :(


I am now wondering what else lies ahead for this wknd. perhaps i shouldn't try and tempt fate and do any wiring or anything else remotely dangerous.


still got to smile  :crazy:







Central Heating Q - Can I Use Immersion Thermostat For Zone Valve

20 October 2017 - 08:53 PM


sorry it's not a car question but someone on here is sure to know. 


So i have a water tank with 2 immersion heaters. I have one working and the other is spare. I have a gas boiler plumbed into the tank that i haven't yet wired up. (gas boiler runs the central heating also so that works fine etc). It is set up as S-plan.


So for the gas boiler to heat the water in the tank i need a thermostat to tell the zone valve to open etc So my question is can i use the thermostat that is in the second immersion to turn on the zone valve? 


It's a fully covered tank so i can't use the strapped around tank thermostat and it seems messy to have one fitted to a pipe when there is an un-used thermostat free that sticks directly into the tank (so should be more accurate).


Is that a bad idea? against regs etc?


any thoughts?




Low Oil Pressure A Couple Of Times - Damage?

09 October 2017 - 09:21 PM

well i am ashamed to admit that i failed to check the oil and it had got so low that on the commute today the oil pressure light came on a couple of times after some sharp corners. 


I wasn't driving hard, and was keeping the revs down as i'd only just changed the head gasket due to a bent valve. The light came on a few times but only for a second or so.


It's on an old pinto. 


Am i likely to have got away with it? or are the chances not in my favour?



Plough Bar Adjustment

23 September 2017 - 10:07 PM


i'm sure this has probably been answered on here (cant remember if i asked it many years ago) somewhere but the search returned nothing... anyhow i was wondering how easy it will be to adjust the plough bar on my 2b.


It sits very low and is significantly lower than my sump (shortened) and gearbox so i can't see the point of it being so low. What is the best way to adjust it. Cut and weld? or i had a feeling someone on here said they just jacked up the car on it and it bent upwards. Is this a bad idea as welds could be stressed? Perhaps Make it removable?


any advice appreciated