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Is This A Scam?

20 February 2018 - 04:34 PM



So i put my old bmw 316 on gumtree this morning for spares/repairs and within a few hours i'd had a text asking me to email them as they were interested.


Just got an email back from the person saying they can't come to pick it up as they are in a wheel chair and hearing loss but will pay the full asking price (without even seeing the car) and have someone pick it up and will pay me via paypal today.


Something just doesn't seem right to me or am i just being paranoid?


Is there a scam somewhere in here?




Leather Welding Apron

19 February 2018 - 08:51 PM

thought i'd splash out on a leather welding apron as have a bit of grinding and welding to do. Also quite often find myself drilling at about waist height and figure a bit of extra material around that around wouldn't go amiss.


Anyway got to looking and found this on ebay http://www.ebay.co.u...872.m2749.l2649arrived today and it certainly looks ok. Seems quite thick leather. Straps aren't that adjustable so a cable tie worked to shorten the neck strap as i couldn't tie a knot in it. so pretty pleased at less than £6.34!


I have no connection to the seller so if you buy one don't blame me, just thought others might find it useful.


Looking forward to welding my bike carb inlet manifold now as i've cut and tacked all the tubes :)

Bench Grinder - Wet Or Dry?

14 February 2018 - 04:38 PM


Want to get a cheap and cheerful bench grinder. Have used my dad's for more years than i can remember and that was just a cheap jobbie so not going to spend a lot.


I've seen a wet grinder https://www.screwfix...nder-240v/91494which gets ok reviews and i just wondered whether it was worth having the wet part or not? I've only used the normal double ended dry wheel types so not sure of the advantage of wet grinding. Is this more for very fine finishes?


I'll probably grind thinner materials in general, bits of pipe and 4/5mm steel etc and sharpen tools.


otherwise will probably get a titan https://www.screwfix...nder-240v/85634



any thoughts?



Bike Carb Manifold Vacuum Take-Off/tank

14 February 2018 - 09:31 AM


just working my way through a load of jobs on the 2b and trying to push on and get my bike carbs on there.


I'm just finishing up the manifold and thinking about vacuum take offs. I definitely need them as i have servo and vac advance on the carb and ideally want to vent the crankcase back into the engine.


So my plan is to make a simple vacuum chamber. I was going to use mig tips (6mm thread) and centre drill them out to 4mm. Will this be enough?


The chamber will then have a take off for the servo and vac advance.


The other thing i am not sure about it how to vent the crankcase back into the manifold. Can i vent into this chamber? or will that remove any vacuum created? Do i need a direct vent into one of the runners?


I don't really want to run without a servo as i am used to the setup after 10years :)


any advice appreciated.

Think I'll Get One In Each Colour At This Price...

12 February 2018 - 09:45 PM

Looking at metal ride on cars for my kid. Will be a few years off building one but just amusing myself collecting ideas and stumbled aross this one https://www.amara.co...mhoCDikQAvD_BwE


Flipping ek at that price i could buy my kid a working car. My 2B cost less than that to put on the road!


might not be quite the same quality but for £4940 less you could get this one from halfords http://www.halfords....zxoCszAQAvD_BwE


Of course it is probably because i am a bad parent that i don't buy my kid the £5000 toy car!!!