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Matt: you asked me to ponit out when i saw that 'ipb image' sign instead of the correct image, so here is one:




Like i've said before, sometimes the image loads, others not (tho i can't get it to load here).

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Guest stu205

ahhhh another Firefox user! have you tried clearing the cookies? this has happened to me once before clearing them either sorted it or was nothing to do with it at all whatsoever!


tools> options> privacy (if not already the default tab) cookies> clear cookies now

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stu: it happens at about the same frequancy in IE. Can't explain it, it's definately a board issue, not a user issue.


mat: i think it occurrs when the user tries to host using the board!!!

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Guest salty_monk

I've not seen that ever either but I know it played havoc when a user on another board I use used the site to host a pic & then linked to it elsewhere on the site....


Dan :)

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The reason for this is that when posting the image you have pasted the whole URL including the http:// - When you click add picture the board automatically adds the http:// for you.



if you look at the properties of the picture "http://http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/beest/images/image_00097.jpg" you will see what I mean.


When you click to add a piccy make sure you remove the board added http:// in the pop up box that comes up.


hope this helps.


See here



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