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Why Won't It Work?

Big Jim

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Instead of using Internet Explorer with all its security liabilities you can use Firefox - has some extra features - tabbed browsing means you can have multiple pages open in a single window. Better pop up blocking and security + less people trying to attack you with viruses.

As it was originally developed in the unix / linux world java is better imbedded so your smileys etc should work better!


download it and try it from here Firefox Download


It will automatically import settings from IE so all your favorites will still be there ( called bookmarks ).


And it is free!

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Lot les stable in what way? I use ie pretty much all day everyday and have never had a problem. I'm not knocking Firefor, it's a great product (Although IE7 is nicer still), I just get fed up of everyone saying Firefox is better, yet I hardly notice any difference in speed or anything. I also have Opera installed which again is very nice (I have most installed to test my websites for compatability reasons).


Jim, if your still having problems, Firefox is another "Internet viewing" tool, like "Microsofts Internet Explorer", some people love it, some hate it (I'm indifferent). The others are sugesting that you try FF (FireFox) and ditch IE (Internet Explorer). Simply go here http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/ and install the product, making it the "Default browser". See how you get on :) (Or call me if you want, you hae my number!)

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Whoa there!!!!!!

I can do it! I can do it! ( I think.......)


Internet explorer needed a fix, called Mutley, talked me through it, downloaded the fix, and bingo! it works! :) :) :)


(Thanks for the offer to call you Mat, didn't want to take up your time, as you must be a busy)

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