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Which Tyres Best


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After looking at a recent post, I wondered what tyres people are using and which makes/models of tyre are preferred.


Personally the best tyres I have used were some Goodyear Eagle F1s the grip was outstanding wet & dry but they only lasted 6000 miles on the driving wheels (not the hood).


Now I use 'Toyo Proxes T1s' as these are cheaper, nearly as good grip and last 5 times longer. They also come with those rim protectors that stick out against the alloy to protect your alloy against kerbing.


What does everybody else run on?

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Daveq has it right, aquaplaning occurs when the tyre cannot clear the volume of water between the tread and the road. Also the wider the tyre, the more prone the car becomes to aquaplaning.

The best wet weather tyres will have deeper cut sipes on the shoulder of the tread and a more direct path from the centre line of the tyre.

Certain brands and models of tyre are better in the wet than others, ask any biker who has ridden on Bridgestone 020's. Absolutely brilliant in the wet and reasonable in the dry. Run the same bike on 010's, with the same tyre size and pressure. The dry performance is noticeably better, but in the wet you will lose about 3 secs per lap at Cadwell.

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Off topic I know, but I like what you are saying about 020's - just fitted a pair to my bike for the winter months. Sounds like I made the right choice.


BTW, my 2b has Avon AV1's fitted but no miles on the clock yet!!! Look nice in the garage.....

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I've got Eagle F1's, 195 50 15's and regardless of performance they look fantastic! As an aside, i bargained with my local backstreet tyre place and they were only 50 notes a corner. Cash no receipts etc.


However, i did wear out the back ones in 3000 miles, but this was heavily loaded up around europe and over the alps.


Oh, and the handbrake was binding too....... <_<

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I also hear some good things about Bridgestone S02 or 3s they are quite highly regarded. I am told that they are on a par with the Goodyear Eagle f1s but maintain their grip better, whereas the eagles loose their grip after a while.


Couldn't comment only owned F1s.


Looks like the consensus is Yoko A539s or Goodies Eagle f1s then.

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Ok then. I often use this mail order site to get my tyres:


My Tyres


Goodyear Eagle F1s are 48.10 each after VAT & delivered.


Yokohama A539s are 37.10 each after VAT & delivered.


You have to get them fitted somewhere but they have a list of people that will do it.


I take all wheels off and leave them with the garage then collect them later, saves me a fortune on my everyday car.



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