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Zeemeride Front And Rear Coil Overs!


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I have just got back from my first legal drive. or should i say tarmac ploughing session!! The car drives really well, it accelerates well, it courners well, looks great, feels great, BUT bounces around all over the place!!. The rear end just will not stay still. Any hump in the road sends the rear end bouncing. If there are 2 or more humps in quick sucsession then the two front bolts holding the rear subframe on come into contact with the road rather hard. I would quite like my rear axle to stay with the car.


Has any one else had this problem? My ride height is about 5 - 6" all way around. Nothing is loose and the springs are fully adjusted to there extreme. I think the damper unit is too weak. If you bounce the rear end it doesn't stop after the second bounce.


I am thinking about buying some new coilovers. I feel quite unsafe in the car. I was thinking about speaking to DAMPERTECH tomorrow. has anyone else bought new coil overs? and have they used Dampertech or can anyone recommend anyone else? Has anyone got a really good pair on coilovers that fitt with relative ease?

My units have the green springs, are these the 300lb springs?????


thanks in advance


John w

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Just a quick one before you splash your cash. Someone mentioned that they had neglected to prepare their RHE dampers before fitting them (coz they were pre-assembled with the springs) and had the same problems. They took the coilover units apart and "worked" the dampers several times whilst holding them in an upright position and they firmed up as the air was worked into the top of the damper and the oil moved into the lower chamber. This is standard recommended practice with dampers before they are fitted - they should also be stored upright.


Might save you some pennies.



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Thanks for your response. I have had quite lenghty chats with Dampertech and RS Jigtech today. Dampertech supply Gaz shock coilovers and RS Jigtech supply a rear suspension conversion kit for the 2B.


RS jigtech have been worked with the 2b for a while apparantly and have come up with some good spring rates. These are 350LB/Sq inch for the front and 190Lb/Sq inch for the rear. In the rear conversion kit they supply a new gaz shock coilover unit and a new top insert with a shoulder machined into it, this fits into the roll over tube. With the shoulder pressing up against the end of the tube. This removes the shear load on the bolt which clamps the lose RHE insert. The cost for the complete kit is £230 + VAT.


Dampertech has given me some excellent advice, the front wishbones must be horizontal to the ground or have a 5 degree angle. The dampers in the zeemeride units are intended for minis, these are not up for the job we want them to do. Also quite importantly the units do not have enough rebound travel (about 1/2"!!!) They can supply a unit which will have the correct bump and rebound travel along with a 350Lb/Sq inch spring. With the correct bushes to fit the car. Yet to find out the price??? Dampers are £60 but need to add springs etc.


Not a cheap remidy but hopefully it will transform the cars handling, but also give me a fully adjustable system!! I am wanting to tour the car abroad (hopefully get to Venice and back) in june so must have a reliable and comfortable car.


So if anyone wants some nearly new zeemeride units then i have some, make me an offer!


Has anyone else spoken to these companies? or does anyone already have these Gaz shocks and or the RS Jigtech Rear conversion kit? If so would love to hear what you think?? They certainly have been very helpfull, watch this space i will keep you informed.


John W

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Hi John


It was just a thought so often the simple things get missed my girlfriend had new low profile tyres fitted to her Audi the tyre bay pumped them up to 35 PSI it was like driving on four balloons, now set at 18 PSI completely different. I have got the green springs and Zemerdee dampers ( or should that be Zebadee from Magic Roundabout fame) I am not yet ready to drive but wonder whether I should look at changing them after seeing your comments. Please keep the board up to date with your findings.




Dave B :D :D

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Hi Dave


Yes not totally happy with my zeemeride units. I have had somme really good conversations with Dampertech and rs jigtec. I have recieved the new front coil overs from dampertech, they look very good, like the adjustability.


Still waiting for the rear set. Rs jigtec have informed me that the 190 spring rates are a bit to soft so they have ordered some 250's instead. They have been trying the new units and spring rates out on a 2B they have, so at least i know i will get somthing that will work!! Rs jigtec seem pretty clued up on the subject.


Not fitted the front units yet as am waiting for the rears so i can fitt them together, I want to feel the improvement all at once.


Last night i gave the car a bit of a thrashing round the good old Norfolk country roads, enjoyed it greatly but for rear suspension, it bump steers horribly as well as being to soft, so i'm pleased i am replacing the units.


How far are you off are you from driving?? Are you going to Stoneliegh show? I am planning to go on the Monday, come have a look at the new units if you want. It will be my first show in the car, looking forward to it alot.


will keep you up to date.


All best

John w

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HI Jon


Thanks for the info I will keep my eyes on the posts for any further developments I am going to Stoneliegh on Sunday not sure about Monday, I did find one day not long enough last year so I may do the two this year perhaps I will see you there. My build is still at the rolling chassis stage I have set my self a target of completion for 2004 Stonliegh show, I hope to have the engine and gearbox fittted before the end of May depends very much on my overseas workload I do spend most of life abroad.


Dave B :D

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The coilovers supplied with my 2B (JUNE 2001) were a bit confusing, the fronts are green and the rears are blue but theyhave green written on the springs. Has anyone else received this combination ? Graham

Hey, like, wierd, man!


My fronts are blue and the rears are green...


What's Richard up to???

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:huh: Jon as they were all surposed to be green and with me being green I put the blues with the green writing on the rears. Now I put it to you (as Rumpole would say) . Have you got green written on your blues and have you got it in writing to put blues on front., if the blues with green writing on are not really greens what are the spring rates of blues and greens . If anyone reading this is confused they are on the wrong site. regards Graham
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