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Oil Catch Tank.

Guest Chris Russ

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Guest Chris Russ

Hi guys!

My Exmo has a rebiult 2.1 pinto engine using a 205 block & an oil catcher tank, ...because of the preperation for the Iva test, the motor has been left to tickover for long lengths of time, almost an hour at the Iva test itself, with no problems at all, the temperature stayed 'normal' & the oil pressure stayed constant, - But today, while I had it running for about 30 mins ( while sorting out the fog lamp wiring! ) it decided to 'spray' oil out of the dipstick tube ( after forcing the dipstick off of its seal! )?? -- my question is, could the oil catch tank need emptying, or can anyone shead any light on this strange behaviour please?? -- I have previously replaced the oil catch tank pipes as one was kinked, but that was a few months ago!

Thanks for any info!




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I had this issue on a tuned Pinto. Spent bloody ages checking all sorts. Turned out that the oil catch tank to atmosphere filter didn't give enough flow with both the crankcase and rocker cover breather pipes attached.

I simply let the rocker breathe to atmosphere and the crankcase only went to the catch tank. Never had a problem after that.

Also, as mentioned by others above, did you remove the vac operated valve on the crankcase breather at the block?

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Gav and I have had the same problem

I'm rigging bigger breather tubes and filter

Some on Turbosports forum run big pipes from block to rocker then rocker to catch tank

Bare in mind the adaptor inner diameter is usualy a lot smaller than the tube inner i.e my 16mm pipe breaths through an adaptor that nearly makes 13mm.

Ill be fitting a 19mm block breather and filter on the catch tank.

I run a return to the other side of the block and then will view the rocker cover options

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Guest mower man

The quickway to find if the tank wants emptying is look!,. things to check 1 is there too much oil in the sump ,2 as said have you removed the valve in the breather, 3 as Shaft say is the catch tank vented to air, 4 does the engine oil smell of fuel [ long periods of idling can result in fuel / oil contamination esp if mixture is not bang on ] there are a few more possibles check these and come back mower man :search:

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Guest merc190provan

Has the engine had any running in, an engine will only bed in correctly under load, if it has been idling for a few hrs this could be the problem ??


Marty Smith

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