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Message For Bmw Drivers

Jez Morton

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Not even flashing persuaded the fool to knock his main beam off he just carried on regardless. If it was the full beam assist system failing to function correctly its still the drivers responsibility to ensure their car is operated safely, this guy might as well been shooting at me it was that dangerous. I think VOSA should have a serious look at these automated systems seems like the more automation there is the less intelligently cars are driven.

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Same goes for bloody fog lights! Visibility down to 4 miles with a hint of mist in the distance and there he is sitting in the middle lane of the road works doing 45mph with his fog lights on completely oblivious to the traffice passing him at 50 an both sides and the huge tail back building behind him.

A complete blunt bradawl!



Bradawl - Small boring tool

A blunt bradawl is fookin' useless!

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doesn't matter what car you drive it only takes one idiot. I had a person behind me who took exception to me having my rear fog light on even though it had been

foggy. So instead of hanging back and leaving space if it was that much of a problem he followed me for 4/5 miles with his high beams on. I thought he didn't realise until he dipped them as cars came the other way and put them back up after they went by! Seeing as it was a windy road with no passing places i returned the favour by leaving my fog light on and driving slower than normal :D



(just to restore your faith i have a bmw ;) and only today i stopped to let a person in wheelchair across the road you'd think i was making it up but i actually did!)

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Not only driving on full beam whot about those with only 1 head light working or driving in fog /mist with just side light on



i got so annoyed last year in the winter evenings driving home. I saw so many people with lights out often on the offside, some without even a sidelight on the offside as well. I drove from Lydney to Gloucester one evening and counted 11 cars with lights out in the 20 mile journey, even saw a moped with no lights at all following his mate on another moped with lights.


I don't understand why the police don't do a week of spot checks to remind people that they actually have to check their cars once in a while.


mind you i just got back from driving to the south of france so experienced some pretty crazy french driving which makes our drivers look perfect!

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