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When using the kit car, I often visit places I have never been to before, so I like to use Sat Nav as an easy way to get from A to B. I have found problems when trying to use my TomTom one. (1) With the satnav in my field of view I can't see the screen, because of the sun (it's usually bright when I take the Hood out). (2) Because of the near 100 db from the exhaust, I can't hear directions from the speaker, even on max volume (no earphone socket). I've thought about some kind of hood for the screen, but not tried it yet. Does any of you clever people have any solutions?

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I once wore a motorbike helmet which had Bluetooth speakers connected to my phone.

This meant I could hear Co pilot navigation and music at the same time.

A set of bluetooth earphones would probably do the same.

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