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Screenwash Temperature?

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Bit annoyed that even though I always keep the screenwash mix at least 50% through the winter its frozen solid. Checked a container that the misses bought from the supermarket, its concentrated screenwash and says it works to minus4 undiluted? So I'm guessing at 50% its practically useless for winter use?

I will be looking closer at the specs in future its a nightmare driving at the minute takes about 2 miles for the screen to be a white smear of road salt.

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always remember a close friend who ran a container depot ( shipping containers ) who we used to phone to say drivers were waiting at the gate to pick up and off load but could not get lifted. He always used to say we currently breaking up pallets to stick under the crane's fuel tank to set light to the pallets to unfreeze the diesel will ring back when we have ignition =@ , for the crane that is :-) :rofl:






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i buy cheap screenwash concentrate which wont have much alcohol in but is fine for cleaning the screen. In winter i add 10% methanol to the diluted volume, which is fine for -7°C, probably lower. IPA works too, but needs to be 20% by volume

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Not something that is important to me at the moment after a missile went through my screen. More pertinent is finding somebody who can be bothered to cut me one. I'm guessing that you get what you pay for for screen wash like most things but I don't think I'd want to test it in the weather we've got at the moment

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