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Mx5 Insurance

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I know quite a few of us run old MX5's and I was wondering what your insurance costs come in at?

I've just been quoted £370 fully comp. for my fifteen year old 1.8 mk 2.5.

My details:-

63 years old.


Car parked on drive at night.

Clean licence.


Steve (Red7).

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You're not still manually phoning round companies are you? That's so 90s... ^_^


Any of the large comparison sites (compare the market, confused.com etc, etc) will surely get you a quote for half that...

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my 2.0 2007 mx5 was just over 300 with aplan

age 68, parked on drive, max 5k miles, full ncd, clean licence.

comes up for renewal soon

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My 1999 1.6 is approx £300/yr fully comp (3000 restricted mileage) with Performance Direct.


Parked on drive, 43yr old driver with 3 points for speeding and no NCB (I use my NCB on the family hack-mobile).


As others have said - just went on Go-compare to get that. I've been told the area where you live plays quite a big part in the quote you get these days (not sure how true that is though).




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Why are MX5s so expensive to insure? I've got a 10 year old, 3.5L V6 Lexus with 2 (old) convictions, my wife included, protected NCD etc, all fully comp for £260.


Can it be because they're considered a 'sports' car but then my Zero was only £220 and that's far quicker? Maybe they get nicked a lot?

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All, thanks for the heads up. £220 6000 miles with General Accident. Goodbye Saga I gave you the opportunity to improve on £370 and you lost my business.

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