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kevin booth

How Much Is My Car Worth

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Thinking of selling my car so i can start a new project. Here is the stats

Book built locost chassis built by myself in stainless with a 2"wider track ( coded welder)

Zetec Turbo engine that is well sorted with forged pistons and steel rods, 327BHP that has been turned down to 250 to make more drivable

BGH close ratio gearbox with stronger bearings

Bara motorsport LSD 3:62:1 diff

Front and rear anti roll bar

3 core aluminium radiator

Dion rear axle

Windscreen, surry roof and westfield doors

I have no idea what to ask for her as she is one of a kind

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If you don't know how much it is worth Kev I think £20 is a very generous offer

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As with most of our cars we lose money on almost every sale, we only get what people are willing to spend. But from the spec you have described you would be aiming around £9000-£10000 probably start at the high side and reduce if no takers. Try Pistonheads for selling and dont forget to mention the benefits of joining the club.

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