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Help Please Pinto Misfire At 4000Rpm

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Thanks for the swift reply.

I was told it had a cam but not sure on how to tell. It does have a Vernier pulley.

What would I need to convert to aftermarket ECU setup? Could I use my injection system or is that pointless?

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You could use all the standard fuel system and some of the the electrical sensors. You'd need to convert to distributor free ignition to get the best from it and you'd need the ecu. 

It'd be a lot of work for not a lot of gain unless you did a lot of other mods to get more power. Pinto efi already has a bit better head and if the cam isn't anything too fancy the standard ecu should cope. 

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If you have standard Pinto injection and Ford ecu and it’s all running well and you have a vernier cam I would suggest you have an FR34 injection cam which has the same valve overlap but more lift.

a good simple way to get more out of an injection Pinto 

pull the rocker cover off and look st the back end of the cam, it will have letters and numbers stamped into the end which will tell you what cam you have.

firring an aftermarket ecu will not make any noticeable difference and you would only need that if the cam was more aggressive and the engine not running well.

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