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Another Super Spec cooling question

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As AndyW says the turbo plumbing looks unusual.

I know my set up is Ford and probably different thinking but mine has a 6mm feed directly from the water pump and then feeds back to the header tank again 6mm. 

1. Isn't it best for the turbo to get full cooling supply always when engine running as heat can build very quickly even before engine has warmed ideally by-passing the thermostat. 

2. In any fluid flow situations it is most times better to have larger or same size pipe on the out flow side rather than the supply to aid efficiency otherwise there can be a pressure build up.

These on their own won't be the whole reason for heat build up but if there is an air lock situation the turbo may not be getting proper cooling.

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I agree that the 6mm pipe on the turbo could do with being the same bore as the inlet although I assume this is correct because the  6mm pipe is steel .

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