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Jez Morton

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Started off this year and battery seemed a bit weak, started car okay but not spinning as fast as i remember. Anyhow was okay for stoneleigh but decided to have look, found most cells were low so topped up and charged and it perked up a bit.. Did curborough lots of stop starts and santa pod, but on getting home from club meet  Wednesday it wouldnt start and barely turned over, luckily parked in front of garage so pushed in. I did by a cheap battery tester, one that does the CCA and amp hour, which showed the old battery was low. I didnt have a good battery to try so didnt completely trust the tester. I was bit reluctant to bin the old battery it came with the donor car in 2004 dated 2003 so has done a good 16 years.The battery is a Ford square post 085, which seem to be getting rare. One company I found selling them is Tayna batteries, they sell direct and on ebay. On ebay they sell a powerline version guaranteed for 4years at £44, and it had a discount code worth £8.80 so a bargain £35 and free next day delivery. Fitted it today works great and the battery tester showed 359CCA and its a 360CCA battery, so tester looks good as well.

Cant vouch for longevity yet but price and delivery will be hard to beat if your looking for an old school Ford battery.

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