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Sierra brake, ignition and electrical parts

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A few more surplus parts for sale.

Sierra 22.2mm (7/8") Brake master cylinder. Brand new in a slightly squashed box. Cast iron body and 3 outlet ports so identical to this one https://brakeparts.co.uk/shop/Ford/Sierra/82-89/Sierra 2.0 OHC Models/Hydraulic Actuation - Master Cylinders and Reg Valves/BMC4266

£25 posted



Sierra front 240mm vented discs and calipers. Discs have surface rust on them as can be seen in the photos but this is nothing the pads won't clean up and the disc centre could be wire brushed and painted. The discs themselves have minimal wear.

Calipers, carriers, pads and springs. These calipers were brand new when I built my car and I painted them black. The paint has come off in places and you can see the zinc plating underneath so they're still in great condition. They just need a wipe over with brake cleaner to remove the dust and loose paint and a couple of coats of black Hammerite and they'll be like new again.

Ideal upgrade if you've currently got solid discs on the front. Obviously rather heavy so

£40 posted (I'm taking a chance on the postage cost) or £30 collect from Tamworth





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Sierra inductive ignition modules. Two used, one comes with plug and wire and a third one is brand new. This is an Intermotor 15300 so you can match it up from that but basically it fits Pinto Sierras.

£20 posted for all 3 modules





Column stalks and ignition switch. Not sure what these are off, the ignition barrel and steering lock have been chopped off the column (not by me). Part number on the light switch is 83BG 13B 302BA and there's plenty of info here on the forum that should help identify them. Column switches are getting hard to find now and although the red cover for the hazard switch is missing, these would be ideal to keep as a spare set if they match what you currently have.

£15 posted







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Pair of front discs. These are 260mm x 22mm thick vented discs that are 44mm overall height. Think that they're off a Mk 6 Fiesta and are a set I bought when I was looking at bigger brake options (I've lost count of all the different discs I bought).

https://brakeparts.co.uk/shop/Ford/Fiesta/02-08/Fiesta 6 1.6 Turbo Diesel/Front - Brake Discs and Drums/BDS5770

In theory these could probably be used with Mondeo MK1 calipers and would fit under 15" wheels but I can't guarantee this. They are brand new but appear to have subsequently got wet inside the bag so have surface rust that I cleaned off with a wire brush and if they were used, the pads would probably do a better job. These could be ideal if you want to experiment with the option suggested.

FREE to collect from Tamworth or I will post at cost which I would expect to be around £15 as they're heavy.




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