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2b upper balljoint change bolt access issue

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I'm having to change the upper balljoints in the mushrooms due to knackered boots and they seem quite loose, however I was amazed to find the bolt inside canted over at such an angle that I can't see how I'm supposed to even get a socket in there! how are people managing this???

Thanks, Scott.

down the tube.jpg

tube length.jpg

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If I remember correctly (it was over 15 years ago) when I built mine I had to use the shortest socket I had from a cheap set I bought when I was a teenager. 



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Solved the issue, I chopped a 19mm 1/2 inch drive and 13mm 3/8 drive sockets in half. Welded them together and then ground a 3/8 extension into a wobbly one.

Worked perfectly nut off in a few seconds, one for the toolbox smile.gif cheers for the suggestions

custom socket.jpg

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