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Santa Pod kit car show 19/20th June 2021


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  • richyb66 changed the title to Santa Pod kit car show 19/20th June 2022

Hi Tony,

I fancied a run out to this but I've just had a look on the Santa Pod website and it shows the Kitfest as suspended with different shows now on the 19th and 20th June. 

Probably best to check again in a week or two as things seem to change daily at the moment.


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As Kerry said, I can't see anything on the Santa Pod website saying this is cancelled. Other events on the same day is normal, Kitfest isn't a stand alone event.

Trevor Harmer who is involved with organising the event posted an update regarding ticket sales yesterday on our Facebook page here 


Until we hear anything definitive to the contrary, it looks to be on.



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  • richyb66 changed the title to Santa Pod kit car show 19/20th June 2021

I wouldn't be surprised if I got my years mixed up - I don't know what day it is half the time !  I was expecting to see some mention of it in their calendar though.

I hope it's on, and if so I'll hopefully make it, probably on the Saturday.


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Hi Guy's Kitfest is on.

I started this in 2019 Santa Pod was the only venue that would hold a kit car show that didn't want 5k upwards to 30k to put the show on.

I'm not a professional event organiser I'm an enthusiast who wants another show and I don't have thousands to throw away if it does not work.

When I approached SP with my plans they where enthusiastic at the prospect but don't normally allow third parties into there venue, all the shows they put on are their own. So after negotiations they are allowing me to piggyback on the retro show but also RWYB making it for the weekend. Then 2020 happened! This is a none for profit gig with any profits going to a Children's Charity the tickets go via SP and they give us back £3 for every ticket sold!! So its a win win for both parties. I have a five year plan to eventually get it recognised as a true kit event and have its own billing on their website the relationship is growing, but at the moment it's all too new and we shall see what will happen. I hope you can support this going forward we need as many shows as possible for kits before they die out completely. Spread the word and see what you think when you come along. Cheers T 

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