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Kit Car Shows 2023


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Thanks for that Alan its loaded into the calender for next year, I agree with Ian avoiding the Jam centre is very important,

Maybe a kind member from that area could point us all in the right direction. Also acording to the 3 counties web site there are only 450 camping space's

150 each for tents caravans and motor homes will that be enough and will we have to book it?

Thats for next year hope that you all have a good Crimble, and stay safe.


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Will we have a stand at Malvern? Quite excited as I’m in Hereford and it’s really quite close to me compared to stoneleigh.

Didn't take the Kit to stoneleigh last year due to the rain we had that morning coupled with semi slicks and no windscreen or wet gear 😂

looking forward to taking it to Malvern this year! Just got to pull my finger out and finish the engine swap now.

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Yes we will have a stand at Malvern, I am in the process of sorting everything out.    I will be posting all the details nearer the date. 

As no-one has volunteered to take over the vacant Events Secretary position I have taken on the task of the pre-Show organisation.   What I can't do, for workload and practical reasons, is to arrange for the storage and delivery of the Club equipment (gazebo, BBQ, Coffee....).  So unless someone steps up the plate it will just be a plain stand with no food or shelter.  Sorry.   (Same applies to Newark as well)


Al (Membership Secretary)

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