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Somewhere about 2008 2009 RAC used towing dollies behind Transits but I have not seen one in use for a long time. They did not have brakes.

At the time there was some discussion that this was OK for recovery but not OK for haulage.

The fact that they do not appear to still use them makes me think that they are not fully legal.

I have no training in law just my observation.

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Way back in the early 1980's I towed my race car with a dolly (A frame) although the laws for towing were different back then.

The current laws for towing state that an unbraked towed vehicle must be under 750Kgs OR half the weight of the towing vehicle, whichever is the lesser.  There are lots of websites that will give you more detailed information on towing.


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The law is very clear on this despite people often trying to muddy the waters, you can only use an A-Frame or an un-braked towing dolly on a Registered, MOT'd (if required), VED's & insured vehicle to recovery it to a place of safety. It does not matter if the vehicle being towed is under 705Kgs.

If you want to tow the vehicle as a trailer, which it becomes once connected to the A-Frame or on the dolly then the tow car has to have some method of applying the brakes of the trailer, this can be either mechanical or electrical.

Even if the dolly has brakes then it's still cannot be used to tow the car as a trailer as the brakes of the car will still be on wheels which will be on the road & as such again need to work from the tow car.

Having said that I have used them for 40 years & towed cars all over the country with them, not that I am advising anybody to do the same.

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