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john henry

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HI i recently won a bid for this Robin Hood on ebay. I have no idea what kit it is? Its an early one for sure, reg doc says it was constructed in 1980 ?. It has a 2l pinto engine mated to a 4 speed capri box, to a live [ Escort ] back axle.  It appears to use a cortina crossmember bolted to the body tub and is modified [ cut off ] at the front of the antiroll bar mounting points. This sticks out the body slightly at the front [ but has been hid with spotlights] Rather unsightly and questionable engineering, Iv only found two fairly heavy big bolts holding the subframe on so far, and a few wee 10mm bolts at the top mounting point, but typical Robin Hood engineering [ Iv built an Exmo back in the day]. Can any members shed some light on what kit it is? 




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