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  1. docter fox


    If I'm reading this right, I can come along in the tintop, park and come and have a look at the cars and talk to people but not have to pay as I won't go into the hall? Is this right as I may only be passing by and don't want to pay that much for a couple of hours...
  2. If I don't end up going on holiday then I'll be there!
  3. Part of me is tempted to get the Zorro style Zero and shove it on a 2B as that does look awesome! I won't be able to measure the 2B nosecone until tomorrow but I'm getting excited already Would you be able to pm me your postal address again as it doesn't seem to have come through? Also, would it be possible to have the writing horizontally level with the F and it all in capitals? Thanks again James
  4. I'd like one for a 2B if it could be made to fit and said FOX on it horizontally
  5. Would it be racist if Chris Evans was racist? probably not in the same sense but it would definitely be frowned upon by some South Africans who could feel belittled by it. In a similar vain to Chris Rock, a black comedian, who has part of his stand up routine talking about niggers, whereas it may be taken as belittling by some black people, it is not seen as racist as he is black. Would there be as many comments if it was said by someone like Frankie Boyle? As it would seem relatively tame to some of the things he comes out with... Would it be seen as racist to the same extent if he had said "South Africa" as a more direct reference to the world cup and the irritating drone that comes from every match? Whereas I see it is interpreted as illegal in the eyes of the law, I believe the chances of him being prosecuted for it are very slim and for good reason (the little bit of common sense society has left). However, I do agree that it maybe wasn't the best thing to say as a representative of the BBC. Most jokes poke fun at certain types of people and this is where the judgement of our society/other societies and every different individual makes the whole area very grey as to what is acceptable and common sense should be used for different audiences and environments. I agree that this will never be completely resolved but think it is important we still try to act as fairly as possible. An interesting debate but there should be a word limit for each reply!
  6. Yeh I might come along I've had a good flick through the history and yes it was built by Roy Thomas and it looks like he made a very good job of it, the amount of work put in in clear through a few photo albums of the different stages of the build, including reconditioning all the main parts... It is very well put together but has become a bit tatty over the years so definitely more than enough to keep me busy tinkering. I paid £2,450 in the end which although I would have preferred less, thought it was a fair price given that although it does need some work to get it up to scratch, its well built and mechanically all ok with a full MOT Any information on it will be gratefully received. I've found piddys email so will send him a message. Done a few miles in it today and it seems to be running a bit better the more miles I do (it's not been used very often) but it still needs setting up properly. James (Still grinning)
  7. I hope it doesnt turn out to be too bad as I've just bought it and I'm picking it up this afternoon! Shame I can't make it to Newark because of work but I am hoping to get along to as much as I can! I know it needs a bit of work doing to tidy it up and a few jobs doing over winter but I'VE GOT ANOTHER KITCAR! so I'm happy for now
  8. I used a heater from the old square polo, think it was around E reg but anything with a small heater matrix could be made to work.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about THIS CAR? It says it was built by the chairman of the club and the seller doesn't know who but thinks he was based in warrington? Any info, advice or opinions appreciated as I plan to have a bid or 2 tomorrow... Thanks
  10. docter fox

    S7 Bonnet

    If you don't manage to track one down, when I needed a new one for my last S7, I used a large sheet of aluminium and a large diameter drainage pipe to bend it round, it was folded over at the sides so it sat well and gave a neater edge and we just used the small edging strip on the front and back, it looked surprisingly good (at least to me anyway)
  11. I'm not too fussed about what it's based on, I'm just looking for something that will give me something to tinker with but on the road already so I can just take it out for a blast when I get bored of fettling or when the sun comes out this summer Anybody know how big a job the bushes are to change?
  12. I've been away from kitcars for a while now but I was at Stoneleigh on the sunday and the bug has bitten once more... There is a locally advertised dolly sprint based S7 that I understand has been stood for a a while but is correctly registered as a Robin Hood. I don't know a great deal about it and the guy goes on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow but I've arranged to have a look when he gets back. I've done a quick search but it was relatively unsuccessfull so just wondering what light people might be able to shed on these machines. Any idea on what kind of price I should be offering for varying conditions? Are the worth about the same as a sierra based kit? Are they as reliable as the ford based kits as what I have read seems to suggest not? Engine and mechanical wise I am fairly confident but I want it to be able to take a bit of abuse should the time arise Also noticed that the nw website mentions a problem with the front suspension... in that its not very good and eats bushes... I don't mind replacing bushes if they're easy enough to get hold of? and cheap? but does the suspension unit actually work well or am I going to be driving a tank when compared to my old sierra based S7 I had and loved... PS. I'm excited about just the thought of getting another hood!
  13. try moneysupermarket for any 'normal' car with all of the special policies... the number of miles you put down for makes a very big difference in the premium, when I was 17 on the hood, I think if I doubled the mileage it just about doubled the premium! for the mini, you're probably best off having a look through a few mini forums and maybe posting to see what they use?
  14. It used to be quicker in 4th than 5th when I had it, it would easily touch 100 gps but wouldn't go much further... Is it still on the 13 inch wheels?
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