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  1. tom-zero


    Looks good may well go this route
  2. tom-zero


    I've always had in my head to go full weather gear just so I can use it all year round. Maybe it's worth me looking into a Surrey top if they keep you dry. What exactly is a Surrey top ?
  3. tom-zero


    Thanks everyone it's going ok made very little progress last year there isn't much more to get done now and there was a few jobs I had been putting off like doing the interia trim on tunnel panels as I new I wouldn't have the paitence or skill to make it look good so my dads been helping me and done a nice job of it kinda got a bit of motorvation for me to carry on. On the plus side while I haven't been working on the car I've still been saving the same each month so have enough to finish it I hope. I wanna take the car to gbs for final check over iva and registration then when that's done get them to fit the screen wipers and weather gear and set the car up for me has anyone an idea on a rough price I emailed them last year and got an idea on price of iva etc and I know the costs of the weather gear and screen but understandably they couldn't really quote me without seeing it. Would a days labour be realistic ?
  4. tom-zero


    Sorry it's late had no money after Christmas. Just paid for this year. Hopefully get the car done this year, remember saying that last year as well lol.
  5. +1 for road and race transmissions Sevenoaks +1for first motion I got my mt75 from them for 575 inc vat. Again arrived on a Pallet and looks brand new
  6. Having only been to detling previously i would say this was My first proper kit car show since starting my build, and was nice to meet a couple of people for the first time and be able to say thanks for the help I have received over the years after all my dumb questions on here lol. Felt very welcome at the rhocar stand from David s and dan e. should have camped for the weekend as didn't have time to say hello to more people. sadly I won't be able to make end of year bash this year, when I went to book holiday this morning it turns out its my bosses birthday and he has it booked off already will be there next year in the zero for sure tho. Thanks again everyone look forward to seeing you again some time soon.
  7. I fitted a lightened flywheel and new clutch in my tin top. That had to take priority as need it for work. Loving the lightened flywheel tho just with I had the cash to get an LSD fitted to the box whilst it was out
  8. Happening this weekend, last year was a cracking day. Will anyone from rhocar be there in the kits ? I've booked the sat and Sunday this year. By far the best weekend on the goodwood calendar including FOS and the revival Tickets still avalible here https://grrc.goodwood.com/section/members-meeting-73/#W1rMVDMoXW2XX0sW.97 If it appeals to anyone. just need to pray for sun
  9. Car or plane, what an incredible piece of engeering, it shows that the uk still has some of the best engineers in the world. I heard from Somewhere that it uses the equivlent or a family size car engine just to power the fuel pumps but that could have been exaggerated 2nd Hand info lol. Can't wait to see this thing attempt the record just hope nothing goes wrong. I remember watching thrust SSC break the sound barrier when I was just 8 years old. Can't believe in 18 years it still hasn't been beaten.
  10. Yeah same car. thought I made that clear in the first line of this advert.
  11. I mentioned on hear a few weeks back that I bought a corsa from a friend to do up and sell on and I will be shortly listing on auto trader when I have a spare £40. But as always with anything I sell rhocar gets first dibs. I think it's worth 1.5k judging from what similar cars are listing for on eBay/auto trader but I really want a quick sale as I need to pay for my summer holiday by April. I'm advertising for £1395 on auto trader and expect to be knocked to 1300 Any full rhocar member can have it for £1200 don't really want less, but if interested bid me and we will see I will post screen shots from auto trader add because its not live let until I can borrow £40 from dad lol And add pics below
  12. I like the z3 but I'm guessing the 3ltrs are rare as I couldn't find many on auto trader
  13. tom-zero

    Engine Knock

    I'm not trying to sell it dishonestly ! If I thought it would go wrong I would drop another engine in it but chances are a second hand engine will sound exactly the same. It's common knowledge In the trade these engines make a slight rattling sound from the top end but people unaware of this would be put off by the sound so just thought someone could help with additive advice. I put a wynns super charge in it today on the off chance it would help as it only cost. £4 and would you belive it the noise has completely gone. I will use this product again I always thought they where a waste of money i guess there not
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