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    More Power

    Think I will need all the help I can get so any info would be great, been reading some threads and they all say something different!
  2. Seanus01

    More Power

    Thanks for all the advice, I was thinking turbo initially so I think I will look at this route first.
  3. Seanus01

    More Power

    Other than what was listed above, a full rebuild including pistons, big ends etc. Only reused parts were conrods and crank. I would like 180-200bhp for no other reason than more speed. Will start to use it for more track days next year and it's not fast enough basically.
  4. Seanus01

    More Power

    Hi All, I'm currently running a 2B with a pinto I rebuilt last year that is producing 130bhp on the rolling road. Set up is stage 2 burton head, FR32 cam and new 38 DGAS carb. I've decided to keep the car but I want more power. To get significant gains with the pinto is going to be ridiculously expensive so am thinking of an engine change. What is your recommendation for max power vs easiest install? Or any other suggestions on power gains? Thanks Sean
  5. Has anyone had their full car wrapped instead of having the stainless panels? Am interested in how it came out and rough costs? Seems like a good alternative to having it painted as it can be removed Cheers Sean
  6. Thanks for the info, have retired all fresh and car runs fine, Rev counter operates but fluctuates quite bad. Will look to see if I can pock this up from the alternator. Could possibly due to a faulty gauge perhaps as I had previously wired wrong and had a permanent 12V supply down the signal terminal
  7. Evening, I have finally got my car running and all is good with the exception of the Rev counter. I fitted all new gauges from Cbs but cannot get the Rev counter to work. Wired as per diagram with signal from negative on the coil. I have replaced the original coil and distributor with an accuspark electronic version and ditched the ecu from my original. In case the original wiring to the coil is now incorrect due to ditching the ecu, is it ok to rewire the coil fresh, removing the existing wiring and how is this done? I assume it is a negative to the chassis and switch live to the positive of the coil? Then from distributor does black go to negative and red to positive on the coil? Anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  8. That diagram is very useful and clear, thanks for the advice. Perhaps I will link the 2 to retain the original flow. After 4 months of rebuild finally fired the engine up yesterday and so far so good!
  9. Thanks for that. Will be fitting bike carbs very soon, I assume I will need to ensure the manifold is made with a water feed like the original?
  10. Hi, There are many threads on here regarding plumbing so I just wanted to get a clear idea of what is required. I am about to refit my engine it have now removed the heater as it did not work and took up too much space behind the dash. I have a new header tank to fit and am after some info on plumbing. My thermostat housing just has the one 32mm outlet, rad top and bottom outlet with a small I let/outlet at the top for header/expansion bottle. Am I correct in thinking I need to do the following Bottom hose to lower water pump Top Hose to thermostat Blank off small water pump outlet (used to go to heater) Small top rad outlet to top of header tank Bottom of header tank t'd into lower rad hose? Any advice is welcome Cheers Sean
  11. Hi, Spent the last few months spending a small fortune on rebuilding my 2.0 pinto. Bottom end total rebuild and rebore (+0.5) crank regrind big end, oil pump etc. Burton power stage 2 cylinder head turned up today, with brand new FR32 cam, and followers and vernier pulley to fit. Question I have is head gasket? Do I stick with standard or is it worth replacing this with a thinner one such as Felpro? What measurements are necessary to achieve best results and accurate compression ratio? Additionally, what is the best way to dial in the cam, I was guessing rolling road? Also have new accuspark electronic ignition and bike carb set up ready to fit. Off a few days next week, so should keep me busy. Am hoping for 130bhp, do you think this is realistic? Any advice is welcome and appreciated Cheers Sean
  12. Thanks for all the advice. Will make the decision over the winter. Cheers
  13. Although just noticed that those prices were from the year 2000 so may be a little more expensive nowadays!!
  14. Hi, I am after a recon 2.0 pinto engine as mine is too far gone to economically repair. I have found a company called specialised engines in Essex that sell recon engines from £600. Has anyone had any experience of using this company before? Any advice is welcome??? Cheers, Sean
  15. Hi Nigel, I've decided to take your advice and ditch the ecu in favour of an accuspark electronic distributor. Just one question, will this affect the Rev counter it is the pick up from this not run through the ecu? Cheers
  16. Thanks for the info, currently rebuilding the engine at the mo while carbs get sent away.
  17. The engine is indeed out of an 86 Sierra. Thanks for the info, I did wonder how it would affect the ECU but sounds like I should be ok
  18. Probably should have mentioned my engine is a 2.0 pinto
  19. Hi, I currently have the engine out of my 2B and I'm carrying out some mods. One thing I am planning to do is fit a set of late GSXR1100 bike carbs which have already been sent to Boggs Bros for the manifold and jetting to be done. I have a question regarding what I do with all the electrical plugs and that are on my standard manifold and carbs and any further mods I need to carry out? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sean
  20. Magnetic pickup from the diff sounds like a good way to go. Thanks Sean
  21. Hi, I have a type 9 gearbox which is leaking from the seal on the speedo output shaft. Additionally I think I may have a problem with the speedo gear as the speedo no longer works although the cable has been replaced. I'd rather not remove the gearbox so was thinking of fitting a core plug to stop the leak. If I do this, I was wondering where can I get another speedo pickup from? Currently using the hideous Sierra clocks but will be upgrading to a digital dash soon. Thanks Sean
  22. This was my thinking to be honest, I am concerned about cutting off the stalks and not being able to find replacements should not the mod go a little wrong Thanks for your help
  23. Hi, Has anyone retro fitted the aluminium stalks from kitspares to replace the standard ford stalks? I can't work out how it's possible without cutting the original stalk and tapping a thread. Also I assume I will need to fit a switch for the washer as it is on the end of my current stalk? I'm curious to find an easy answer. Sean
  24. I was looking at BD engineering on the internet last night, glad to hear it is recommended. Will give them a call when it's up and running Thanks
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