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  1. I had a sliding pillar and then a full wishbone type, the wheel damage eventually happens on all the of the pillar type. Either the springs go soft or you drive harder... I would say it's the single most effective mod for that model, especially if you want to run any track days...
  2. They are Roadster sevens... the full blown Cobra seats are a tight fit even in a 2b... doubt they'll fit a Zero You can see some fitted in the 2B in my sig, The bolster is a bit deformed by the side rail on the passenger side if I remember rightly.
  3. Have fun.... Wish I could come. This year I'll be riding a Suzuki through the Desert that weekend
  4. Thanks... I do have a good bolt supplier local to try but not 100% if there still in business (I haven't been back since before the recession started). Threaded bar stock or cutting the head off a bolt might work too I guess. Have to use 2 nuts locked together to wind it in is all. I'm using them as manifold studs into an aluminium head. Dan
  5. Anyone know where to get them? Almost impossible to get over here in the US (everything still in inches) but I'm back in the UK in a few weeks. Looking for about 16 of them. Dan
  6. BOC's main competitors are "Air Products" & "Air Liquide" might be worth checking them out...
  7. Lets see if it actually happens... Obama is full of big ideas but not that many have been actioned yet! No difference noticed here in California since Bush left...
  8. I've had decent results with an SIP 130...
  9. I'm surprised how far it went... Quickest I've seen a copper move in a long time... (Boom boom..)
  10. Your cheapest option is to find a pinto to put in it.... Dan
  11. You may find the springs go soft reasonably quickly.. that's what happened on mine. At that point you can replace with uprated springs or switch to wishbones... Dan
  12. I suspect the Anvil was taken for it's scrap metal value... When scrap was fetching a premium anything remotely metal was snapped up by "travelling folk" or the like....... I left out an old boiler to be taken to the dump the next day... they saved me the trip. Dan
  13. Made a difference of about 5mpg (having the vac advance increased MPG) on the two cars I had with same spec engine & carb. There are also some other benefits to driveability for a road car. Dan
  14. Handling is reasonable. Good tyres make a huge difference. 888's will make a 5% saving in track lap time, good Gaz or similar shocks help a lot too. Tyre pressure is also very important for the 2B should be about 19f 21r - set cold on the road, set hot at the track (cold this comes out to about 16-17f 18-19r but they will feel squidgy when cold at that (or at least both my cars did). For a very direct comparison I ran the same track (Barkston Heath) about 7 secs a lap quicker in a sliding pillar 2b with Khumho tyres on it than a XR2i 1.8 Zetec (bog stock, also on road tyres - lots of brake fade!) Dan
  15. The live axle is probably better if you do any track use... IRS will provide more ultimate grip on a bumpy surface though. Dan
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