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  1. I also made mine up with details personal to me plus original invoice number from Robin Hood, IVA at Exeter 2012 no problems.
  2. Thought this might be of interest to some of you. Lidl are doing a pneumatic blind rivet gun for £24.99 this week. I paid 60 plus for mine years ago but It did save a lot of time and sore hands.
  3. Thanks for heads up on this, just collected my intermediate box for my Halfords professional stack. £47.50 after Topcash back.
  4. Looking at picture are brackets aligned right.
  5. Had same problem kept searching and got one from auction site for a tenner,don't think he knew how scarce they are.
  6. Have you got the large cups over doughnut at suspension mount.is it where it's hitting ground I had this problem and modified cup but removing 40 mm and welding flat washer to it
  7. The bearing retainers do unscrew found it best way to replace oil seals. Cant remember if left or righthand thread. I think i used a punch and hammer.
  8. Hi Bob, Ay more details on this yet might be interested In coming up. Jim
  9. Would be interested in Steering column and prop if still available could pop down nx weekend. Jim
  10. Thanks all for replies, I already have a spare Top Joint (Drag Link) and now have a set of boots of various sizes to replace the split TRE boots. And after a bit of research it appears the TRE's are from the Sierra so will keep an eye out for some cheap spares.
  11. Hi Ian, not a problem with tracking or replacing boot but would still like confirmation that these are TRE's from a Sierra. Thanks Jim
  12. Just replacing top ball joint on my 2b wishbone and noticed the track rod end boot is split , Can anyone confirm that these are from a Ford Sierra. I will get some replacement boots and keep for spares, but would rather replace joint at moment. Jim
  13. Thanks, just spent some more money new jack and trolley on way. Don't tell the wife.
  14. JammyJim

    Q Plate Mot

    After 1st year after IVA had to MOT my 2b so i could retax it. You can check on taxation site it wil tell you if a MOT is required.
  15. JammyJim

    Barn Find.

    I agree almost had a tier in my eye watching this. Hope someone can do somthing with whats left.
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