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  1. many thanks regards Robert
  2. hello one and all, finally getting round to fitting toyota mr2 instrument panel ( 1992) , all the basics eg. high beam, lights, indicators etc. are easily sorted, my problem is tachometer, voltmeter, petrol and temp gauges ( and stupidity). What wires do I require to run from old Sierra system to a newer Japanese one, as always any help gratefully accepted. kind regards Robert Jones
  3. The feel is already autumnal. As long as I can get a few runs out I'll be one happy old man.Was quite chuffed when I timed the engine using a DTI gauge, this got it spot on ( courtesy of Vulcan Engines down at Brands Hatch) kind regards Robert
  4. hello all, the answer to Davids question is that because of mods ( large valves + skimmed head etc.) when timing belt goes you will have contact. Normal Pinto engine will not have this problem. One way to stop this would be to fit a kevlar belt about £150, cheap when you consider the damage that can be done. Steve Curson at Vulcan engines suggested that the belt broke because of slackness, I had checked just about everything else, something else to pay attention to. I have fitted a Cross timing belt and tensioner at cost of £50. My engine has only done 5,000 miles so worth checking on regular basis kind regards to all Robert
  5. hello Mower Man, yes there are marks on all piston crowns but ran through compression test as per instructions of Vulcan Engines (engine at working temp, remove plugs, do compression test with throttle wide open) no. 1 178psi no. 2 185psi no.3 185 psi no 4 80psi. Now in hands of Steve at Vulcan. Mower Man I used to own a pub in old part of Glasgow, trust me, there ain't anything you can say that will bother me kind regards Robert
  6. Recently out for a run (hottest day of the year) when my cam timing belt went,fortunately only doing about 25mph. When I finally got the car back to the Island contacted Steve Curson at Vulcan Engines who patiently (very patiently)talked me through what to do, his philosophy is that its better to phone him 10 times and get it right than #### it up Finally put new cam belt and tensioner on and timed engine using DTI gauge, have now found after doing compression test that no. 4 cylinder has only 80psi instead of 185psi, this will be because one of the valves and valve guide will be distorted(?) I am now sending head down to Vulcan Engines at Brands Hatch to have fixed. Vulcan (who have been absolutely brilliant help) even offered to arrange to have head collected for really low fee. Will let you know how I get on kind regards Robert Jones ps engine is Pinto 2.1 ltr. 160bhp Vulcan engine
  7. does anyone have an oil pressure gauge and fittings for my pinto engine (vulcan 160bhp) please? It's standard postal charges to where I live (the Island that's in the new Macdonalds advert) kind regards Robert Jones
  8. weanspapa

    A Pass

    Well done Tony ( and son?) enjoy! kind regards Robert Jones
  9. that would be grand Peter i'll PM my address. Please let me know payment method kind regards Robert Jones
  10. does anyone have a spare wheel nut ( preferably chrome ) or a set of wheel lock nuts they want to sell on. It's for my 2b+ many thanks Robert Jones
  11. Fame at last, Latest Macdonalds advert filmed In Millport, the good news is there's no chance of actually getting a restaurant regards Robert Jones
  12. Just bought set of Maxda Mx5 fascia with new set of Lockwoods (£12.00). No doubt be back on looking for advice regards Robert
  13. Many thanks for input, both fascias look great especially the Maxda set, will look out for the "Lockwood" kit kind regards Robert
  14. thank you, have looked at seperate gauges but oh what a price, would like to to put in second hand instruments but the idea of an integrated system from one of the top marques appealed. I realise that most of these will probably be digital or damned near impossible to transpose but worth a consideration if anyone had tried. ( this time of year we all have too much time to think of daft and impractical ideas, but you never know) kind regards Robert Jones
  15. Does anyone know of a car that you can use the instruments from ? There are some very nice fascia panels out there, I understand there will be problems but that seems to be part of the charm (?) At present the original Sierra instrument panel sits glowering at me from its binnacle, not pretty many thanks Robert Jones
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