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  1. Kamran

    Vin Number

    Thank you all for your help, i can now get the ball rolling.
  2. Kamran

    Vin Number

    Hi i've nearly completed my 2b and about to start the paperwork, just would like to check if i'm not missing anything 1) IVA 1C application form 2) Amateur build declaration 3) pictures & invoices 4) Payment And do i have to sent the v5 for the donor car. And where do i get the VIN number for the kit car, do i need to apply for one and if so how? Thank you
  3. Hi do you have? 1) Sierra front and rear hub carriers / hubs 2) Rear differential & half shafts 3) type 9 gearbox 4) Prop shaft Thanks
  4. Hi will be there, never been before so look after me. The kit car isn't ready so will be turning up on sunday, will come over and have a chat.
  5. Thanks, that looks great didn't think of doing it that way. So did you have to change the link bar to the cable, was there any problems with the cable being pulled upwards
  6. It's not had IVA yet,how do you strenghten the floor and does anyone have pic's of the modification of the lever, thank's
  7. Hi, i have a 2b with a passenger floor mounted handbrake, standard sierra lever. I would like to keep it there but have it vertical. Can i modify the sierra lever? Or do i have to get a new lever and if so which one would you recommend. Any pic's would be great thanks
  8. Thanks lads Merry Cristmas to all and a happy new year. I know what i'll be doing over the break.
  9. Hi thanks for your replies, just found that the flywheel bolts are all loose, work done by previous chap. The clutch is totally smooth so will replace the lot. The main reason i took engine/gearbox was i thought i was getting bottom enb noise but i think it was this. I got carried away and split the head checked con rod bearing/ shells and now need them, special order from ford ahh!! But thanks for your help
  10. Hi, i have a pinto connected to a type 9, when i push the clutch pedal down it makes a nasty metal on metal scratching sound, the sound totally goes when you release the clutch. I've now removed gearbox/engine thinking its the release bearing which isn't lookin to bad. Any ideas thanks
  11. Hi, i had the same problem last week, read a few posts about the fan powering it. I disconnected the fan still wouldn't stop then took out all fuses and relays, it would only cut-out when i disconnected the live to the coil. I traced the wiring and found a cut in the wiring loom where it entered the scuttle. Inside i found the alternater lives insulation was snaged and the live to coil was touching it to complete the circuit i crimped all wires back together and sorted. Hope that helps.
  12. Hi i know these are not your gauges but most gauges are the same. 1) Live, switched live from your ignition 2) Earth, 3) Signal wire from sender 4) bulb holder- live from sidelights + earth Have a look at this link it may help:- http://www.stewartwarnercanada.com/media/pdf/install_instructions/Service%20instructions%20for%20electrical%20gauges.PDF Good luck
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