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  1. FOR SALE. Single axle, converted caravan chassis. This trailer is in good condition and tows really well. It was overhauled in the summer of 2014, with new brakes, new wheel arches and new jockey wheel fitted. I have probably used it less than 100 miles since all that work, hence the reason for sale. Overall length approx 3098mm, width approx 1960mm. The bed is approx 2660mm by 1680mm. (distance between wheels approx 1590mm) The trailer has a winch fitted with steel cable. The trailer has been used regularly to move my Robinhood S7 and also my MX5, so I know both of those fit. Advertising on here first before Ebay.... £400, located in Gateshead, North East. Pictures at : https://flic.kr/s/aHskd7u52Y
  2. Jack and two trolleys ordered.... I'm already planning the garage tidy up
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like a change of master cylinder. Im going to look at a Ka, as this seems to be the one discussed most on the forum. regards Phil.
  4. Hi, I have an S7 that has a brake servo fitted but I suspect that as I am running fireblade carbs I am not generating enough vacuum as I only have one vacuum line from a single carb. I would like to enhance the brake performance but don't really want to cut and weld the manifold to add more inlets. Does anyone think a smaller servo would respond better, or perhaps an electric brake servo pump addition? Thanks in advance Phil.
  5. Hi, I had exactly the same problem in my S7. It is built on Dolomite parts. I eventually traced it to the bottom UV joint where the steering shaft meets the rack. The joint was 'binding' as it turned through the knuckle, so getting tight then slack. I took the joint off and eased it with a dremel, and it works fine now. may not be the same for you but worth a look. Kind Regards Phil.
  6. Thanks guys all interesting stuff, I'll let you know how I get on as a newbie trackday virgin..
  7. Hi, my first trackday is on the horizon and I want to make sure I set the car up to get the best out of it. So my questions are; Stiffness of the coil overs? Tyre pressures? I'm running R888's Thanks Phil
  8. A plan, myself and son (23), no problems, I think about a total of £300 to have him on also, because of age. However that was 50% less than previous year with footman James, who declined to quote for him last year after having provided the previous years insurance for him !
  9. My manifold weld gave way in June. I took it to a stainless exhaust specialist who managed to weld it but said it had been caused by the exhaust wrap. He also said it does long term damage to the metals composition meaning it becomes brittle. I've taken it all off now and all seems well. Happy Christmas Phil
  10. Had a similar problem with our 2l pinto. it was the crank seal that was weeping, we had to take the pulley off( not easy to get off the keyway, we used a sliding hammer and welding wire !! to gently knock it off). We picked the seal out and replaced, it worked a treat. Kind Regards Phil.
  11. Hi are these still available? Kind Regards Phil.
  12. On BBC Two this afternoon if anyone is interested.
  13. Great, I don't know how many we're ever made, but just curious :-)
  14. I have a dolomite based S7, with significant paperwork from the whole life of the car. The car was registered in 1991, with the kit purchased in 1990. I have letters from the original builder where he is becoming a founding member of the "RhoCar club". I have the original brochure as well as all the kit receipts. The chassis is a square tube chassis not a monocoque, and I am just wondering now about further information, just as how many of this variant were made? How many are still about? What mods have people carried out to this dolomite variant? Kind regards Phil.
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