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  1. Thanks for the info. May well go down that road. Graham.
  2. Sorry for the slow reply. My cylinder is different with the res holes right next to each other. Thanks for the photo. I may go get a Ka cylinder as suggested. Thanks for your help. Graham.
  3. Hi. Thanks for that. Had a look but to no avail. Very close but not quite right. Ill go to a main dealer on the Island when im allowed in. Thanks again. Graham.
  4. Hi Everyone. I have a Series 3A Hood that i have had on the road since 1999. I now need a new master cylinder. It came with the kit and is Ford made. I cant get one as i dont know what Ford it was origonally for. A number is stamped on the end of barrel. A0505A. Tried my local dealer to no avail. Can anyone help me get back on the road! I live on the IOW so not much choice here. It is servo assisted by the way. Thanks to all. Graham.
  5. Hi Chums. You helped me with engine mountings now can you help with my manifold? I have a Series 3 built and on the road in 99. I need to cut and re-weld the no 1 down pipe. The guy who is doing the job asked me if the stainless steel is 316 or 317 i think. This i take it is the quality of the steel. Anyone know? Of course you do! Thanks for you help as always. Graham.
  6. Thanks for your help on this. Think i,ll have a recap.
  7. Yep those are the ones.My engine has destroyed mine.
  8. Hi People of the Kit. Can anyone tell me where i can locate a new set of 1982 2.0l petrol engine mounts as mine have just fell apart! Any help will be grand! Cheers.........Rumblerib.
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