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  1. 19chandler74

    S7 Rear Suspension

    Thanks Big Jim & Snapperpaul for your obviously experienced advice. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers.
  2. 19chandler74

    S7 Rear Suspension

    Thanks Snapperpaul, think I'll have to try just the springs for now (cashflow). Any idea which pound rating I could try? Cheers.
  3. 19chandler74

    S7 Rear Suspension

    I've recently purchased my 1st RH. It has had new wheels fitted that I'm assured are well suited to the car. However, the outer edge of the tyres are rubbing quite badly on the edge of the wheel arches when travelling over bumpy ground. I'm told the rear springs are original mk4 cortina and are likely to be tired. The shocks have been renewed recently, any suggestions on what springs I should fit? Bearing in mind I'm a 15 stone novice, exact measurements etc. would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Matt