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  1. thank you for the replies i was thinking of just wiring it direct as it only seems to be the washers at fault! fingers crossed it will now work!
  2. yeah, not my pride and joy just another toy that has been taking up space for too long! had it long enough time for a change and make better use of the money!
  3. this is my mini i have owned for 10 years and its sadly time for it to go! it is on ebay item number 221101337517
  4. full set 8" arches in stainless and oxford blue for sale on ebay ends tomorrow! also sierra stalks see listing for details and photos. item number 221078553393
  5. thanks for the reply if you can squeeze them in please let me know, regards richard
  6. any hoody couriers fancy earning a few quid to pick up two seats from preston and drop near bristol? if so please email roshea14@yahoo.com regards richard
  7. i am looking for a pair of black leather/ vinyl seats for my mini possibly clubman or similar must be small please
  8. does anyone have a sierra 2 bolt starter possibly xr4? for sale please? or recon in the bristol area as my solenoid has given up!
  9. picks would be great as i do like the idea of just lifting it rather than keep putting it on the floor! is yours iva'd mower man? if so how many fixings on the nosecone and what type did you use to get it passed? i was just thinking iva rubber catches, two either side of bonnet and one either side of the nosecone onto the chassis tube at the bottom?
  10. obviously quick release catches would think its compulsory really regarding the iva? how does yours hinge? is the bonnet just clipped in place as usual with quick release catches?
  11. hi, i have a 2b with the bonnet already attached to the nosecone (holes drilled for rivets so no going back!) does anyone have any suggestions as to what is the best way to fix the bonnet with regards opening or is it ok to have a fully removable front for the iva? (which i don't mind the idea of, for access) if so any photos or info as to where to mount iva bonnet fasteners or how many are adequate mainly regarding the nosecone area as the bonnet is pretty straight forward!
  12. v6 type 9 starter faulty or wrong one? i have a 2b with the type 9 gearbox and v6 2.8 with a slow starter that started smoking then gave up! i presume it is just faulty as i have bridged the solenoid while someone else cranks it and it turns over just fine! can anyone confirm which starter i should be using so i can replace it please? mine has 2 holes not 3! if anyone has one near bristol or willing to post please let me know!
  13. 2.8 v6 will not start, backfiring occasionally, getting fuel and has spark not making a lot of difference turning dizzy! not sure timing has been correctly set! i brought the car with the engine in but not sure what parts are on it, dizzy 3 wire (orange purple black) ignition module can wires be wrong way round and still fire? (orange and purple?) I have found a firing order on the internet but not 100% sure mine is the right way round. looking from the front (fan end) is the 1st plug on the left number 1 or 1st on right? anyone confirm firing order too please? or static timing tips just to get it to fire? most of the basics seem ok e.g. spark fuel, coil etc but seems like a timing issue whether static os faulty dizzy? I'm not that clued up! i feel like a school kid again, these old simple engines are usually so easy but when people change dizzy's and engines/ gearboxes/ starters it gets complicated unless you are familiar with what parts you have, who built it or if all parts are even good and i most certainly am not!
  14. hi, just realised you replied, think i have them sorted now but what were you after for them if they are the wrong ones? regards richard
  15. thats good but anyone know how to do it on a mac as i still can't figure it out, regards richard
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