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  1. My Capri wheels are 13", I do like them but I just don't think it does the car much justice! I'd love a set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's 15" but anything similar would do me Thanks for all the welcomes!
  2. Hi Guys! I know its not a Robin Hood but I used to be on the forum and thought it was spot on, this is my new Westfield SE built by Westfield I'm after a set of bucket seats and I'm thinking about sticking a set of Calibre Rapide 15" Alloys on so I'm thing about what tyres to go for? Any recommendations?
  3. Seems worth while, I'm located up at Newcastle Upon Tyne
  4. The timing is retarded because of the Kent cams and its a bit spluttery with the bike carbs so I thought it might run better on the webbers? If not i'll scrap that idea!! I will get it on a rolling road once its tidied up and all sorted out as the previous owners have abused the car a bit, needs quite a bit to get it back up to standard! Any recomendations?
  5. Hi all, I'm still quite new to this and was just after some experience from others on a Robin Hood with Monocoque chassis and 2.0L Pinto engine, the engine is running fireblade carbs and kent cams but I'm thinking of replacing the carbs for twin 40 webbers. The sar is based on a Siera Any advice on tuning & performance? I'd love to enter it in a couple of races in the 750mc sports series! Thanks in advance!
  6. When I was first looking into buying a kit car i never expected to find anything like this! I really thought people buying the kits would have a lot of pride in there cars and would do the bit extra to get it on the road properly, it does seem a bit irritating when one does it right and one does it wrong. I'll be sorting this one out so that'll be one less dodgy kit car on the road!
  7. Why Dutton? I've found a few kit cars registered as Dutton's now? Seems very strange?
  8. Honestly, even if the car isnt legitimate i'm not too bothered as daft as that sounds! I'm happy with the price I paid and i'm fairly happy with the condition the car is in, obviously i'd feel a lot better if someone with some experience gave it the once over and i'd like to know the full story of the car but this is the situation i'm in. Using it on the road would be nice for the odd day out but its main purpose is going to be track use, thats what i origionally set out to buy
  9. That would be great if you could call along and check it out, I'm usually in from work at 5 weekdays and free all weekend so whenever suits you would be fine. I'm going to get back in touch with the lad i bought the car off and see if he can shed any further light on the situation
  10. If i have been shafted the seller had been too, he was a good guy, really helpful and did know his stuff, he bought the car intending for track use but only ended up taking his oldest son up to Alston & back a few times. I'm located at Blaydon, Newcastle Upon Tyne. If anyone could call round and have a look at the motor that really would be great!! I got the car at a decent price so i'm happy to pay the fees myself and make it legit, it might bring up some work for me to tinker with and make the car my own as the build and modifications are all more or less done! For this being my first time on the forum i've got to say again, thanks for all the help! I'm generally used to VW forums where all you get is sarcasm and the odd bit of abuse!
  11. Oh dear! Mabey should have looked into this before buying the car Mistake has been made so now i'd just like to put it right, i wouldnt want to falsly sell it on again. The car is going to be used as a track car so probably wont see the road but just in case how would i go about getting the correct tests done on it? And how much do they cost? The standard of work doesn't look bad, I wouldnt have bought it if it did! There are a few areas where you can see the previous owners have made temporary fixes and rushed jobs but they can be put right
  12. But if it was a Dutton that had been re-shelled into a Robin Hood would that not expalin it? If that is possible of course? The story I was given was the car was built in the 80's as a Dutton, left to rot for many years then re-shelled into a Robin Hood in the Early 00's as Robin Hood parts were easier to come by? If this isnt the case how do I go about putting this right and making it legit? Thanks for the advice!
  13. Hows that? And why would it be?
  14. Thanks for the advice, the car is already registered and has been for the past 20 years or so. There is a plaque under the bonnet stamped Dutton, I wasnt sure if you could just swpa the body? The car has a monocoque chassis, is this typical for a Dutton? As i say i'm totally new to kit cars!
  15. Hi all, I'm new to the site so this is my first post! I've recently just bought my first Robin Hood however on the documents and plaque under the bonnet it says the car is a Dutton? Can anyone shed any light on this? The lad who I bought it from said the car was origionally built in the 80's as a Dutton but had been re-shelled into a Robin Hood, the car has a 2L Pinto engine running Kent Cams and Fireblade Carbs so it does go rather well. The car is going to be used as a track car but first it will be a project to get it up to that standard, so again if anyone has any advice that would be great! Here are some photo's, I dont know if anyone recognises the car?
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