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  1. I have the argonshield light to from boc does do a good job thanks for the advise every one alan
  2. thanks for that tony . bottle size sound about the same as the one I have from boc which has a yearly rental cheers alan
  3. ok thanks for that . the hobbies gas sounds the way to go as I don't use it enough to carry on renting I take it you need to change the regulator for the little ones? thanks alan
  4. hi all I have a sealey 185 mig welder that I have had for many years . my gas is about to run out and I was wondering if I could use the gasless wire as I have been given a roll . do I have to change anything or doesn't it work as well as gas ? cheers alan
  5. hi I got some from summit saw blades off ebay they do all size and are very helpful . good price too
  6. ido agree hadnt even noticed they were on there only had it a few weeks lol
  7. the cars got a complex now ! have to get a sierra badge and a q plate ! lol never mind i was thinking black with orange front gaurds and no badges !
  8. there off ! what about the gear knob and the horn badge lolwhere do i stand with the seven ?
  9. thanks for that. i emailed him but says they wouldnt fit a s7 with sierra track control arms only top and bottom wishbone typesuspension
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