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  1. Et15 front and back
  2. I had a half hood made by softbitsfor sevens for my zero they made a excellent job
  3. Kit spares sell them £32
  4. Sikaflex 221 Adhesive & Sealant Used on my car the trim has not come off Hope this helps Garry
  5. My wife had a ticket of them just ignore it,do not reply to any letters,they will threaten you with court action ,just ignore they will give after about six months
  6. Zetec 2l Gbs plenum Emerald ecu Mt75 gearbox
  7. the clutch cable i used[from gbs] had a metal sleeve to slot into the bracket ,sorry unable to load picture
  8. Hi the gear knob is fine,not sure about the steering wheel the spokes might not pass the radios test
  9. Make sure you put covers on all the bolts and trim on the top seat belt brackets for iva
  10. I have used one wrap ptfe tape
  11. The small spacers are fitted under the seat belt Brackets
  12. Hi the accelerator pedal is not fitted on the same bar check out Richards L zero build blog some very good pictures richards-gbs-zero.blogspot.com Hope this helps Garry
  13. tryed the link would not open until i sighned in
  14. busby

    Engine Mounts

    Gbs sell a zetec mounting kit
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