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  1. Now sold.............
  2. Unfortunately I haven't driven the car enough to comment but I'm sure DanE would be able to give you an idea of the compliance and ride. However I will let you when I get the carbon the road proper. Andy........
  3. Stuart, High recommend the kit, steering is much improved as is the self centre.........
  4. Hi Whiz unfortunately this year to date has been a bit of a write off with work commitments etc, so the only outing I've had was yesterday going round the block to feel the new set up which I am super pleased with. Fingers crossed I'll get some time on the road before the summers finished..
  5. Hi guys, The kit price from GBS is £235 and is worth every penny even the extra £110 I've just spent ordering the new style front cycle wings. The only bummer is it may take up to 8 weeks to get them. Anyone considering spending some money on their 2b should seriously consider this up-grade before going for carbs etc as its no good go fast and not being able to cope with the bends. They really do feel make a huge difference. Marsbar sorry it wasn't me but good to hear people had a great time at the show........
  6. Hi all, I managed to get my first drive in the car since fitting the handling pack and the difference is enormous. You get so much feed-back through the steering now and I'm sure my confidence will only grow the more I drive. Just the final set-up of the front alignment and fitting of the new cycle wings when they arrive. All in all I would highly recommend the fitting of the kit, its fairly easy to do, but remember there's a high chance you will need to renew your cycle wings. Andy............
  7. Hi Suzanne, I'm just back and I can't hold of any couriers so why don't we say £10 + £60 for the goods. PayPal address is andrewcrawford@link-tel.co.uk. Regards.........Andy You pm your address details when ready,
  8. Hi Suzanne I'm working away this week but I would expect the courier charge to be around £10. I hope to be back saturday and will try to get all confirmed. Thanks again..........Andy
  9. Hi Suzanne, They deffinety look to be the same hub but I couldn't guarantee the fittment as your car is different from a 2b. Maybe someone could advise better than me. I'm Based in Glasgow. Regards..........Andy
  10. Can you pm your email address
  11. Hi all, I'm just finishing the GBS wishbone up-grade to my 2b and I have the following which are excess to my requirements: Original oxford blue front cycle wings with matching wing brackets to suit sierra hubs and the original top wishbones with track rod ends. Looking for £65 + courier charge if applicable All in good condition and I can pm photos if required Any question please feel free to to ask Cheers..................Andy
  12. DROID

    Suspension Bolts

    Excellent just about to ask the question about the shank. Thanks.......mower man
  13. DROID

    Suspension Bolts

    Thanks for all the advice, I'll see if I can source from local supplier...........
  14. Just up-grading my front top wishbones with the GBS handling pack and noticed my suspension bolts could do with renewal. I have GAZ shocks with 10mm bolts for top mount and 12mm for bottom. Can anyone recommend a good supplier? Andy........
  15. Hi, Just a quick up-date on the wishbone installation. First issue encountered was i had to retap the wishbones to get the ball joints fitted. One would have thought they would have done this after welding. The second is as I thought, the cycle wings will need replacing as I modifiy my originals to sit closer to the tyre. To this end has anyone used a compnay called Vicfibretech . I found them on the internet this morning and they're charging £55 + £9.95 postage for a pair of wings. The journey continues.........
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