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  1. Hi All I have decided to put the car on Ebay and leave it to chance. I will understand if this post disappears as it is not really a 'for sale' item anymore. Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  2. Hi All After much deliberation I have decided to put my Robin Hood Sub-K up for sale. Not an easy decision but the right one for me at this time. I don't want to fill the board up with details so have setup a detailed web page of the sale here. I reckon the car is 80% complete. I am looking for £1750, which given the quality and detailing of the work carried out so far is, in my opinion, very reasonable. Please PM / e-mail if you are interested. I am located in Droitwich Spa (5-10 minutes from the M5 J5 or 6). Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  3. Guys Thanks for all of your input. You have certainly given me plenty to think about. I never rush decisions like this so will give myself another week or two before making any decisions. Every friend and relative I speak to has a different opinion and I have changed my mind about 10 times this weekend! I think I need to find a nice quite spot (perhaps the garage?), sit down with a nice cool beer and mull the decision over. Thanks Paul S Usowicz
  4. Hi All I am seriously considering selling my Robin Hood Sub-K. However, it is not finished. I estimate that it is about 80% done if you take the SVA and registration into account. It's a bit odd this one as I have made a lot of modifications to the car (aluminium panels, different rear end, different internal panels, clean dash, tie-bars, etc). Most bits to finish are included exept for the mirrors (bonnet also needs to painted to match car as it's stainless at the moment). I have put a lot of effort into this car and it will be a real nice one when it's finished. Yes, I know i
  5. Hi All I am nearing the completion of my Robin Hood Sub-K. Being a bit different I threw/gave away all of the original Sub-K mild steel panels and have done all of the car in aluminium. However, I now need to make a bonnet and realise that this would have been easier if I had kept the original bonnet as a template! What I want is a bonnet that I can flatten and use as a template so holes, minor damage, paint, etc are of no concern to me. If you have anything I may be able to use and it's cheap(!) please let me know. I'll travel quite far if needed (from the Midlands). I may also c
  6. Hi About to fit my front cycle wings. I remember seeing/hearing about the location of these. I know that the back should be lower than the front but by how much? Does anyone have any dimensions/pictures/info or shall I just do it by eye? I can see no mention of this subject in my SVA manual but am sure it will be checked. Any info appreciated. Cheers, Paul S Usowicz
  7. Hi Guys, If anyone fancies a blast around the 'ring in a Caterham 7 (closest to a hood) in PGR2 just request a friend with 'Usowicz' and we can try and arrange a time to race around whilst talking about our hoods. Late Sundays are usually the best for me. Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  8. I'll get in quick before it gets nasty... I generally keep to the speed limits but several things annoy me including... 1) A 30MPH limit on an A-road because of several houses in the middle of nowhere (the limit extends well past the 'danger' zone'). 2) Still having to do 70MPH on a clear motorway at 2AM coming home from work with no other cars for miles. 3) People who think that the national speed limit on A/B roads is 50MPH (Its 60!) 4) People who say 'Speed Kills'. No it doesn't. I did 139MPH once and I didn't die. Its the crashes that kill. Sure speed accentuates the damage
  9. Ah, didn't realise it might be a different rubber. As for the bonnet, I am making one myself out of aluminium as I have raised the nose cone slightly. I still might need a slight bulge here and there though! Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  10. Mike Sorry for the delay in getting the picture up but here it is. As you can see I have a Zetec engine mount and a huge aluminium spacer. They were expensive and I had the spacers made longer to get the engine aligned horizontally. Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  11. Santa Pod is just up the road. Try one of their 'run what ya brung days'. Only acceleration I know but still good fun. Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  12. Mike I stabilised my Pinto by replacing the Pinto mounts with Zetec mounts. They needed a spacer making but it hardly moves at all now. I'll post some piccys when I get home tonight. Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  13. Not just Ford either - VW Polo service - £245, Renualt Scenic service - £380, Audi A4 service - £900. Admittedly all were with 'the extras'. I now have a Skoda Fabia. Last full service - £68!
  14. I lowered mine to 1.5 PSI and it runs fine now. Mine is graduated though. I believe the Filter King ones need you to buy a pressure gauge for calibrating. I have a mildly tuned 1.8 pinto by the way. Cheers Paul S Usowicz
  15. Hi I had a similar symptoms with a Red Top fuel pump even though I had a Filter King fuel regulator. I eventually fitted a variable regulator and kept tweaking it until it ran fine. Can't remember the make of the one I purchased but it was about £20 from Europa and has a graduated dial and knob on the top (1-5 PSI). Cheers Paul S Usowicz
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