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  1. hi and thanks everyone . it does feel great to be on the roads alone without my mum going "watch out " stop it" down my ear all the time. i think i had 32 hours of driving lesson which is below the national adverage (spelling) so pritty proud off that. today went out for a run and every time it came to a halt it would stall so i tuck it to my uncle bernie (leaner) and found out that a pipe going to he brake servo had a huge rip in it and was sucking air into the engine and leaner fixed it asap . thanks thanks again and i WILL see you at the shows on my own (well maybe in my own car ) but i will post later in the week . thanks mark
  2. Cabin Boy

    Driving Test

    At long last i have past my driving test yes 2nd time around, but this time passed with flying colours . I got home told my dad then decided to go and pick my sister up from work. Wow what a thrill it was just super. It was me, my jago and the wide open roads . What more could you ask for. Well thanks for listening and see you all soon and this time no lift from dad. Mark Cabin boy
  3. happy birthday Mitch hope you had a good one Cabin boy
  4. thanks mitch and jim and bill:D today was brill ,first day out in My car (wow i thought i would never say that ) well must dash . me ,dad,mum and sister are all going out in kit cars to watch some fireworks bye for now cabin boy
  5. sorry about that the pic would not work
  6. rizla are you sure the car that they delevered to you is the right one as i was told it was ment to be this one.
  7. good on you rizla . nice looking car you got there but still not as quick as my jago (only joking). it is like the yellow submarine have good times and enjoy them to the full. mark cabin boy
  8. hi guys and gals (HI JUICY LUCY) just come on to say thanks jim for putting on such a great day out and it was well funny when we where messing around with greg (me and dad) and when we did our donut that was so funny. so thanks for a great day out from mark
  9. thanks guys fo all the help that you have given me and my dad , i could not ask for a better group of friends possible . so thanks for all the help mark
  10. hi dad i can not belive that we won !!!! hope you can come across in the car soon. mark Cabin Boy
  11. Hello everyone I am back now for the weekend , thanks guys ,gals for the posts but i have just been to bizzy to post !!!1 col was super and i can not wait to get back there on sunday night , blimy i never thought i would say that i wanted to go back to school but hay when it is somthing that you love you carnt help it !!! yes the girls o i mean yound ladys are also very nice too and each night we had a party and all the girls we wanted came around to PARTY .. see you guys soon keep on polashing those cars Mark Cabin Boy
  12. Thanks guys Its been a brill day but would have been better if the Robin Hood gang where here , we would have such a good laugh Yes Rizla i got most the things i would have liked to got : laptop for college Money Money Money and pleanty of hugs and kiss's thanks again Cabin Boy
  13. Cabin Boy


    Hi Everyone I would just like to say a big thank you to all the people that made this weekend possible so .....Thank you very much (give you selfs a patt on the back!!!! ) Cabin Boy
  14. Cabin Boy

    Gcse Grades

    yay yesterday i got my gcse grades and i passed them i got what i need to get in to collage i was dead happy and can not wait to go to collage so now i can go to donnington to celebrate
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