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  1. I am using the sierra sender and sierra clocks!
  2. Did u change or modify your float or length of arm?
  3. Hi, I have a 2B Plus and have had it on the road for about 6 months, but i have never been able to get the fuel guage to work right! The 2 main probs i have are: - It will only go to 3/4 full when the car is filled up to the neck! - It shows empty after about 90 miles I then filled the car up to the neck again, but could only fit 14 litres in, so i must only have used less than 1/2 a tank of fuel! Correct? Has anyone got the ford gauge to work? or does anyone know of a different fuel sender and guage that actually works? I don't mind if i have to put an extra clock on the dash and do away with the sierra one!
  4. hi, i have a 2b plus and am looking for a LSD! Has the sierra XR4x4 2.0 DOHC got a LSD? will it fit into the standard sierra back end?
  5. The wiring is working fine - tested it by earthing the connection and the gauge went to the top! I will try a few scrappies and get a couple of different sensors. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I have a 2b plus and a 2ltr pinto engine. I have all the electrics working fine except for the temperature sensor! The engine i bought didn't have a sensor in it so i bought a new one (green tag on it) from my local ford garage. When the engine gets hot the electric fan comes on but no life from the temp gauge on the dash! (I am using the sierra clocks)
  7. found what the problem was, the 2 new wires that are added to use the relays for the headlights where on the wrong pins! The numbers on the terminals of the relays and the diagram i got of this website somewhere are different. They where beside each other instead of being opposite! Swapped them around and it is working fine!!
  8. i have a 2b plus with a VG loom! One fuse keeps blowing (20A), which has 3 green wires to one side and a thick white to the other. has anyone details of which fuse does what on the VG loom?
  9. I have a Robin Hood 2b Plus and am just finishing it off! I priced insurance about 1 year ago and was quoted £400! Now i am being quoted £900 + ! I am 21 & live in N. Ireland. Can anyone give me a number for an insurance company who will insure 21 year olds and N. Ireland?
  10. I have a set of sierra clocks with the rev counter on the left, speedo on the right, fuel gauge on the left and water temp on the right. There are battery, indicators etc underneath. The loom plug sits into the rear of the clocks in a horizontal position and has only 12 pins - most diagrams seem to have 13. I am using the vicki green loom. I've tried the vicki green wiring diagram to no avail. Could anyone help?? I need the wiring order left to right when looking at the plug attached into the clocks. David Mc Clean
  11. I am in the process of building a 2b plus with a 2.0 litre pinto! I am just about to complete the wiring and the fuel lines, but i am wondering if i fit a different carb at this stage! I have seen a carb of a 2.3 capri / granada that has the 2 gears on the side! Is this carb the same as the 3.0 capri / granada?
  12. I am building a 2b plus and am looking for a radiator that will fit into the nose of the 2b plus! RH give you a new sierra radiator but it is too long and comes within 50mm of the top pulley on the engine! it sits at a steep slope and looks terrible i contacted RH and they say the coolman radiator doesn't fit - any suggestions??
  13. Can anyone help? :boohoo: I have a 2b plus and am trying to fit the two side panels! The fols on the top and bottom seem to be too far apart as there is about a 1.5cm gap at the bottom when i set the panel on top of the tubes! What do i do? Do i fix it to the bottom of the car first and then refold the top fold to the correct position or do i put some kind of spacer in? Dave
  14. Just found the perfect seat!!!!!! Get the 2 front seats out of a Suzuki Swift!! Very low runners and are shaped like a recaro!
  15. I want to fit some recaro style seats and runners into my rh 2b+. I have a slight prob as all my local dealers dont stock the seats and will only order when money is paid! I need to make sure seats will fit width wise and height with the runners / sub frame attached :gdit:
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