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  1. As mentioned, for sale: Stack St 8100 St 791 Lap timer Shift light Comes with the needed harness but only with two switches instead of four. Looking for 415£ incl shipment to UK Mainland. Pictures can be send via mail or PM. Cheers Andre
  2. Hi Richard, see picture on the first side, was also not 100% in shape with the old wheels. I spend ages to find the right position for the arches. Wasn't that bad with the old wheels. But now it looks crap. Problem is, I want to use the Revos, love them, but before wasting time in polishing and painting the Revos, I need to find a solution for the arches. First thought, *bleep*, I mixed right and left, but I just checked, everything's fine.... I will remove the arches tomorrow and try to "adjust" them a bit. Today I started to build an diffuser....... Cheers Andre
  3. Hi, hope you had a good start into 2016. Winter time=building time..... I got a Set of 8X15 Revos for a good price. Front with 195/50/15, rear with 225/50/15. Front seems to fit perfect, but at the rear, whats wrong? Wheel looks not centered, I tried also with the 195/50/15. https://picload.org/image/wrcccog/img_3364.jpg https://picload.org/image/wrcccod/img_3361.jpg Anyone also driving 8X15? Need some advice. Cheers André
  4. Hi, Anyone using this combination on his zero? Does it fit at the front?
  5. You had close look to the car? Steering wheel is on the right side....
  6. Jamis, ist on the right side.....
  7. Hi, just want to present my Zero. we started in February and first test drive was in August. More pictures after I cleaned the mess on my PC Engine, 2,1l Pinto, bhp, no idea? Cheers André
  8. OK, I found two that could fit. Is anyone here already using one of these? Advice welcome :crazy:
  9. Great,thanks will check tomorrow. I already thought I have to forget about the webers Cheers Andre
  10. Hi, Anyone running a Zero with Pinto engine and 4x Weber? Which inlet manifold are you using? My old one hits the frame Thanks and Cherers Andre
  11. I have a pair in yellow, but they are in Germany.......... Cheers André
  12. Hi, How did this end? I also need new ones. Cheers Andre
  13. Hi, sorry for my bad English , I have the following problem. I have a Sierra switch from 1987 that works fine with an LED Relay( I'm using LED indicator for front/back) with the following pins. 31 49 49A Everything works as expected. When I use the switch from the 1990 Sierra, need to change it as the 1987 is broken on one side, the flasher only makes strange noise. I searched the forum and found this http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=33545&hl=+wiring%20+diagram%20+sierra&do=findComment&comment=252498 Post #12. So it seems that the switches are different, when
  14. Sorry, dont know exactly what you mean. Do you mean if the wheels can move without hitting the metal area close to the shock absorber? If so, not 100%, I need to cut a little bit more....
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