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  1. boggie

    Very Interesting

    eBay should remove it. I have noticed a number of Land Rover and other classic car registration documents, complete with VIN plates, being offered on eBay and I was surprised how much they were going for. Early Land Rover V5 docs were regukarky making many hundreds of pounds and I saw a vintage Triumph Roadster v5 / VIN make nearly £3K! Of course once they have fallen into the wrong hands the classic cars are being stolen, given the new identity and sold on as legitimate cars as apart from being valuable vehicles the only identity on these older cars is the VIN plate (no chassis stamping etc). These items fall under the prohibited listings / encouraging illegal activities category (I checked with eBay) as the V5 is not owned by the seller (it belongs to DVLA) and without a car they are of no value to anyone other than for the purpose of hiding the identity of vehicles. B
  2. That is correct. My Sierra donor was registered in 1986 but my RH was built much later. However, first use is listed as 1986 so is counted as 30 years old as far as taxation is concerned.
  3. True but this isn't a loophole; it was a promise made by the Tories we need to remind them of.
  4. Afternoon all, There appears to be a new petition to fully reintroduce the 25yr classic car taxing we used to enjoy but scrapped by Labour: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/119497/signatures/new Worth signing to protect future classics not to mention the fact that a lot of us have qualifying cars due to using a donor vehicle manufactured before 1991.... Thanks, B
  5. Good to hear! Well, I hope to return mine to an un-bodged non-leaking state by replacing the sump gasket. At least that will give me a chance to enlarge the dipstick hole in the upper baffle (catches on the way in). B
  6. Not at all. I was responding to you and Chris insinuating Pintos all leak by pointing out that in the 20 years since I built my car It has never dropped any oil. I have been a member of the club since the beginning and know very well that the vast majority of owners are not bodgers; I was referring to the wider Pinto-using community (old Capris, Sierras, Granadas etc) and assuming that was them who you and Chris were casting aspersions against with talk of Pinto bodges, oil leaks and the need for windscreens on Pinto-powered cars to stop getting face-fulls of oil. I didn't realise you were talking about RHOCAR members.. B
  7. After all the work over the last couple of weeks the car sailed through the MOT today. Tester was very complimentary However, he issued me with a contingency MOT. It seems the DVSA have rolled out a brand new cloud-based MOT system and it collapsed immediately. For days now the system has been down and DVSA phone help centre has been swamped so it too has collapsed. Around 16,000 test stations have been affected and as the DVSA decommissioned the old system there is no fall-back plan. I can 't understand it; Government run IT projects usually work so well...... I tried to tax the car using the contingency MOT certificate number but the tax website says there is no valid MOT so I can't tax it. I need to use the car this week for my commute but there are VOSA cameras on the A40 near where I work and there is no way to avoid them.... B
  8. That's not true if they are properly built. In 20years since building this kit my Pinto has not dropped and oil at all. The problem is there are a lot of bodgers out there who tinker with them. So whilst my bodge worked the motor will be lifted and the sump gasket replaced over the coming weeks. Cheers, B
  9. Bugger. Completed the rebuild this evening, primed the carbs and fired him up. Started on the first turn, literally, and after I balanced the carbs and set the idle the engined settled down to the familiar lumpy / hunting idle of the RL31 cam and the deep burble through the 4:1:2 carbon cans. Lovely... Started tidying up, cleaning around the engine bay etc then noticed a puddle of oil under the engine. There was oil coming out around one of the sump bolts. Not just dripping but dribbling, at tickover.... The crankcase breathes through a 3/4" pipe and a K&N filter so is not pressurised. The oil is just getting out around thie bolt so I assume the inner portion of the sump gasket is not sealing around the bolt and so I have to take it all off and start again. I have taken the bolt out, swapped the split washer for solid one and supplimented it with a nylon against the sump, cleaned everything with degreaser and then covered everything with instant gasket and bolted it all up. It's a bodge to get me to the MOT......
  10. Not to mention sheer bloody-mindedness and a great forum.... MOT tomorrow at 10: wish us luck!
  11. Pump is a Kent high pressure / flow that was fitted when I had Steve Vulcan turn my humble donor 205 block 2 litre Pinto into a full GpA 2.1 175+ BHP beasty. As that was only 10K ago i had not suspected the pump..... However, I bring tidings of great joy: Took off the rocker and dizzy fitted long socket to long extension and span the pump with my dril set at 300RPM. Nothing initially and after a short while oil started jetting / spluttering out of the spray bar (went everywhere). So I stopped, made a cardboard shield to deflect the oil back into the head and used the drill again until the air stopped spitting occasionally out with the oil and ai had a smooth flow. Interesting to see how much oil flows out of the uprated spray bar at the equivalent of 600RPM, what must it be like at the rev limiter's 7500RPM.... While the rocker cover was off I took the opportunity to set all the valve clearances (exhaust on 2 and 3 are a real b@$tard with twin 45s) and dug out the chromed rocker cover I bought years back but never got around to fitting which I have just finished putting on. So, all good. just got to put it all back together tomorrow, get an MOT on Saturday and I'll be back on the road! Thanks all! B
  12. Thanks Bob, I hope you are right but even after a six month winter lay-up I would get oil pressure very quickly turning the motor over on the starter. Aside from the shortened sump and pickup the only real difference here is that the engine has been drained of oil for a prolonged period waiting for me to find the time to swap the sump. I wouldn't expect the pump to need any more priming than usual.... Off to walk the dog then into the workshop to remive rocker and dizzy. At least by using a drill I can turn the pump as much as I like without risking damage to the expensive engine and having to get it to Steve Vulcan (especially now he is out in the West Country sticks.. More soon. B
  13. To back up all this theory: My ex-wife's 4year old Fiesta started sounding very rough so she took it to Ford. They found the oil level was too high (only about a litre too much they guessed) and due to the crank shaft whipping up the oil into a foam the engine was a write-off. Turns out she topped up the oil a couple of weeks earlier and "made sure it was above the marks" ..... B
  14. I should also mention the engine has not been run for at least six months so the pump could be empty but the filter has not been changed so that should be full. I turned the motor over for about 20 seconds before stopping Thanks
  15. Thanks for the fast replies.. I don't think the pickup pipe is leaking: I cut it down myself, created a very thin (couple of thou) interference fit internal sleeve that I inserted to cover the joint then welded it up. Afterwards I put my hand over the end to seal it and pressured the other end with my mouth. It was hard to get a good seal with my palm over the pickup / gauze end but it seemed ok. There is 3/4" between the bottom of the sump and the pickup pipe. Cheers, B
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