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  1. .......there is no .proper adjustment available as it is designed to auto adjust on the ratchet quadrant , but , having had the same problem as yourself ( & being 6'4!! ) , I drilled a hole in the top of the clutch pedal & fitted a 8mm nut & bolt, thus giving you the adjustment as it acts as an adjustable stop against the pedal box!! - if you take out the pedal box & look at the way the clutch pedal 'stops' im sure you'll see what I mean?!
  2. .....As an afterthought, in case you don't know - the cycle guards must cover 30' to the front & 50' to the rear ( around the circumference of the tyre ) for IVA test purposes!
  3. Hi Guys!........Although I sold my Exmo a good time ago, I have a picture of cycle wings I needed to fit to get it through the IVA test, its not fantastic, but if you zoom in on the front suspension strut you can see how I did it using a large U bolt round the bottom of the leg ( allowing the cycle wing to move with the wheel when turning ! ) -As I not a paid up member of the club anymore I cant post pictures, but would be happy to send to an e-mail address if that doesn't break any rules?! Cheers, Chris
  4. ...as other post, gearknob looks fine, - the steering wheel looks similar to mine that passed IVA ok, BUT, for some strange reason had to fill the screw heads with silicon ( same as screw heads on indicator repeaters on front mudguards) !!!
  5. Hi.....I used type 7 seats in mine purchased from Watford Classics at about £180 pair......being 6'4, I fitted them without runners to give me more leg room - I did put a post on here somewhere describing fitting as you'll probably find the suspension arm that bolts inside the body is right in the way!!!! Cheers!
  6. Chris Russ

    Iva Help

    .....Hi Lewthepoo, ill get some pics sent to you over the weekend, - In reply to 'theduck' question regarding seat belts - I was advised ( & DID ) by the guys on here, to route the seat belt harness over the roll-bar ( centre tube of course! ) & then over the top of the seats, This way the roll-bar becomes the stress point of the harness,- If you route your seat belt harness through the square holes in the back of the seats ( presuming you're using S7 type seats? ) , the seat THEN becomes the stress point & arguably wont be strong enough in the event of an accident!!
  7. Chris Russ

    Iva Help

    .........In addition to my previous post, ive just found a copy of my IVA pass certificate - the examiner at Norwich was Mick Payne, I found him very fair & helpful during the test......might be worth a call??
  8. Chris Russ

    Iva Help

    Hi Lewthepoo!!!......As all the previous posts, I also went through this trauma with my Exmo last year, I too rang GBS & they gave me the same info & tried to sell me a Zero kit to transfer my parts onto!!!! -- BUT stop panicking, mine passed ( second attempt, but nothing to do with the monocoque construction! ) at NORWICH last year! My advice is to make sure you reinforce the rear panel of the body, seat belt mountings & seat mounts - I had a large aftermarket roll-bar fitted & I incorporated the mountings to the rear panel by a steel bar right across the back panel, this also helped spread the load of the seat belt harness! My fail details are listed on a posting on this site, but if it will help you I think I've still got some pics of the mods/reinforcing to the rear panel & seat belt mounts,- inbox/message me your e-mail address & ill get them to you?! * Just to highlight again the previous posts - it would appear to be the early lightweight car that had most of the problems with IVA * Don't give up & Good-Luck!!
  9. .....Just to add my two-peneth, - my set-up on my Exmo was the same as yours, all I did was to buy a cheap spare-wheel cover off of e-bay & that took care of the tyre radius, - as for the number plate bracket, mine was in the same place as yours, BUT cut it about 10mm shorter than the number plate ( so the number plate is longer )....The tester cant fail it as you're not supposed to mess around with number plates!! --- Mine passed IVA last year! Good - Luck!
  10. Can I suggest you re-check your valve timing as well, My Pinto 2.1 managed to 'jump' a tooth & caused all kind of weird issues with misfiring & fuel mixture!! .....took me ages to find it, having checked everything else first!
  11. ............Suggest you jack the front of the car up about a foot or so, then the rad cap is the highest point in the cooling system - then leave it running for 15 mins or so with the rad cap off! --- Usually works!
  12. Due to upcoming projects ive decided to put my Exmo up for sale! For all intense & purposes this is (almost) a new car!.....first registered in April this year, on an age related ( NOT Q ) plate!....Taxed till April 2014, doesn't need MOT for 3 years! I bought this as an unfinished project & has had £1000's spent on it, including; Rebuilt 2.1 pinto engine ( full spec. available ) including new weber carb & ancillaries Recon. type 9 gearbox ( with quickshift ) & diff. New Superlight wheels & Yokohama tyres ( including spare ) New suspension ,brakes & steering etc. etc. I have a large box of ALL bills & reciepts, including original build manuals & reciepts from Robin Hood. Im more than happy to accomodate any inspections, or e-mail picture & info as required..... e-mail me on chris.russ4@talktalk.net Not really sure what is worth, but ill start at £ 4250 ......if your interested, talk to me, or come & negotiate??!! There are a few pics on this site, but ill try & post more....or happy to e-mail directly! CAR NOW SOLD!!!!.........MANY THANKS FOR EVERYONES INPUT INTO THIS PROJECT!!!!! Thanks; Chris.
  13. Nice one!!!.......anyone know of a decent tuning centre/rolling road in the Southend ( Essex ) area???? .......had a real bad experience with my Exmo & the rolling road at Lakeside, they revved it soooo hard it managed to 'Jump' a tooth on the timing belt!!!!! -- took me a week to find out what had happened!!!!! -- I'd still like to get my 2.1 Pinto that runs a 32/36 DGAV Weber tuned properly!
  14. ......just to add my two peneth!!!!........dont know how the rules changed this year regarding fog lamp operation, but mine failed last year because the fog lamps operated on side-lights as well as dipped headlights ( as per the previous posts! ) -- the tester operates the switches himself - so you cant blag it!!- So just to re-itterate, I had to use an illuminated switch ( I used the original Sierra one ) & had to wire it so it only operated on dip /main beam.......mine also failed because the fog lamps themselves were fixed directly to the rear panel - ( so pointed slightly up!! ) - lenses have to be 90' to the road, & be CE marked! Good-Luck!
  15. Thanks for your advice, Im using the original Sierra sender unit,....it kind of pushed into a large rubber grommet that fits into the hole in the tank , the sender is then held in by four 6mm studs/nuts - the grommet appears to have perished causing the leak problem! -- I have tried to replace the grommet seal by making up a 1.5mm cork gasket but over a few weeks the fuel appears to have destroyed it!! ........maybe ill try the nitrile rubber, you've obviously found this to be petrol proof! Thanks again!
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