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  1. Bobbers

    Clutch Ratchets

    Thanks I reckon a 55 would do as long as the ratchet is the same size just a shallow groove on the 55 will give more movement on the cable , as clutch always bit early
  2. Bobbers

    Clutch Ratchets

    We're do you measure from ?
  3. Bobbers

    Clutch Ratchets

    Hi are all yellow clutch ratchets the same cos mine is rarther worn out and ones on eBay say 45 mm ?? .
  4. I would be having a chat with the previous owner see if he can advise on the issue , he new it got hot . Maybe he could help with the cost of getting it right
  5. Bobbers

    Pinto Injection Head

    And still going well after two years abuse in my hands
  6. Bobbers


    Mick ..... Dam auto correct
  7. Bobbers


    Cheers kick I'll have a do at it ,have a great New Years
  8. Bobbers


    My s7 has been parked up for a while and I've noticed the bottom of the windscreen has gone white at the bottom like damp is inside it,can it be fixed or where's best place to get a new one .
  9. Hi do you know if either pair will squeeze in an s7 ?
  10. Bobbers

    Preston Supercar Meet

    Just had a good morning at Preston supercar meet ,loads of cars there supercars , yanks , kit cars but sadly only one Robin Hood . Where do north west owners meet up ?
  11. Bobbers

    Surging Idle

    It's running great again now mick , probably gunked up thru just being left all winter . I fixed the just off idle flat stop by fitting a fuel pressure regulator it made a big difference I'm looking forward to some good runs out this summer
  12. Bobbers

    Surging Idle

    Fixed it , looked like remains of insects in float bowl and something that resembled snot
  13. Bobbers

    Surging Idle

    I wonder if a diaphragm has split ?
  14. Bobbers

    Surging Idle

    I'll check them , it's something that failed not adjustment as it was idling fine one minute then next set of lights all surging
  15. Bobbers

    Surging Idle

    I was out for a run in my s7 2.1 pinto with 38 dgas Webber when I noticed it was a bit rough at low throttle openings ,at the traffic lights it was surging badly and trying to stall . It still revs and pulls fine so it's only a slow running fault . I know squat about carbs so any suggestions would be great .